In today’s fast-moving world, Everyone looks for Peace of Mind but waiting for all the energy into something. And sports is one thing which can divert anyone’s mind and give a little time of peace.

Diverting anyone’s mind by using sports for a little time of peace doesn’t mean that you have to play, you can watch it. and even if you are interested in playing doesn’t mean that you have to play it like a professional in a competitive way. you can always enjoy yourself on your own or with your friends. Kayaking is one of the sport which can help anyone have some peace of mind. That is why people have started wondering, what is a kayak and how it can change your life.

What is a kayak?

In technical terms, the kayak is there lightweight narrow, and small Watercraft. Many people mistake while categorizing watercraft. Not all water vehicles are boats. Kayak has tapered ends and Double bladed paddles are used to move the kayak on the water.

Even though most of the kayak has one cockpit but sometimes you may see double cockpit Kayak. Kayak is different than canoe so do not get confused in between it. Which we are going to talk about soon.

Kayak is being used in every field starting from military to entertainment. You may also see people playing kayaking in Olympics as a sport also. So it is safe to presume that it is quite a popular sport among water sports lovers.

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Different types of kayak

When you try to buy a kayak from the market you may notice that there are different types of kayak available and it is hard for a beginner to choose one. that is why we are going to discuss all the different types of kayaks.

Sit In Kayak

Sit-in kayaks are one of the most popular types of kayak. It can be used in the warm weather as well as cold by attaching a sprayskirt. Sit-in kayaks have good stability as they are wider than other variants.

As you know that sit-in kayaks are wider than other variants that is why they offered more storage so that you can store your belongings as well as keep them away from getting wet.

Many beginners try to avoid sit-in kayaks because it can be challenging to enter and exit into your kayak if it happens to capsize. And it may require extra few lessons to learn how to enter and exit a sit-in kayak.

Sit on Kayak

As you can understand by the name of this kayak that you have to sit on, rather than sit in The kayak. Because you have to sit on this kayak that is why you do not get anything to keep your legs warm and dry at the same time.

Because you do not struggle while getting in and out from this kayak, that is why it is considered to be the beginners choice to learn kayaking. As you know that it does not have any cover that is why a person who is tall or overweight can easily get in and out.

Even though it is also suitable for a heavyweight person, but you should always check weight capacity specifications while buying any kayak even if it is sitting on a kayak. Using the sit on kayak is a little bit harder in the days of winter. so always keep that in mind while buying it.

Recreational kayaks

Even though recreational kayaks may look like is sit-in kayaks, but recreational kayaks have a larger opening so that you can easily sit and exit from them.

If you see anyone having a small child in there with their kayak they are usually recreational kayaks. these kayaks are built for leisure time and they’re also more balanced than any sit-in or sit-on kayak.

Because they are more stable and wider than any other kayak that is why you cannot use them for a longer period of time because paddling it will get hard after a few hours of constantly using it.

These kayaks are not suggested to any beginner or other person who is using them to get into the sport. They are much slower and in the sporting event, it will be hard to compete using them.

Crossover kayaks

As its name suggests that crossover kayaks are hybrid in Design with elements used from touring kayaks and recreational kayaks. By the kayaking experts, the crossover kayaks are called Jack of all trades.

Crossover kayaks are very beneficial if you do not want to change your kayak while using it on different water types. Some kayaks do not work on highly salted water, or where water flow is on high levels.

If you are a person who Loves to start on a budget and wants to enjoy every type of water resource such as lakes, ponds, slow-moving rivers, waves then a crossover kayak is best for you.

Inflatable kayaks

People who do not have adequate space to store any kayak at home, or they do not have any well he called to transport it from home to a water body. the inflatable kayaks are the solution to these problems.

Even though some experts do not like inflatable kayaks and they call them toys to play. But they are very fun to play with. Whenever you need them you can inflate them with an electric pump.

Fishing kayas

As you can understand that there are kayaks which are specially designed to do the fishing. They usually have more storage to hold boxes than any usual kayaks.

Some fishing kayaks have built-in fishing Rod holders And you can also stand on these Kayas. Many people use recreational kayaks as fishing kayaks also. but they are not as stable as a professional fishing kayak is.

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Final thoughts:

Even though kayaking is a competitive and professional sport. but still, you can use kayaks for fun and other purposes. because there are many options available in the market I’m sure you can select the best one for yourself.


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