Everyone has a dream to do a job that gives uniform, respect, and a good salary. So Merchant Navy is one of them.

So in this article, we will know salary for various ranks in Merchant navy i.e Merchant Marine Salary In India. These questions are asked very frequently but people do not get an exact and correct reply from internet. The reason is simple as non-merchant navy guys write articles on it.

Before jumping to the salary part I would like to give some ideas which will help you to choose exactly which rank to join so thet you will get the maximum benefit out of your job.

Either you can join as a crew or an officer. I will not go into much detail about crew and officer in this article but keep in mind and try to join as an officer to draw more salary in Merchant Navy job.

Join As Crew In Merchant Navy

To join as a crew in Merchant Navy you have to go through G.P rating course which you can do after passing 10th. After completing your training you can join as either deck trainee or engine trainee depending upon which department you join. so now the question comes….

“salary in merchant navy after GP rating course”


“salary in merchant navy after 10th”


“salary of a sailor in merchant navy”


What is the starting salary in Merchant Navy?


What is the lowest salary in merchant navy?

The answer to all the question is same and it varies from company to company. Indian company pays as less as Rs 5000/- to the foreign company pays USD 400/- and more in some cases. Once you get experience then you will get a promotion. After promotion, you can join as fitter, oiler, Abled Seaman, Bosun or Pump man in tankers. Then you can expect more salary.

This promotion can take one to 3 years of experience.

Note- Your first job onboard ship is more important than getting a salary. Because job market condition in merchant navy is very bad now a days.

Deck Department-

Bosun Salary-1400$-1800$

Able Seaman– 1100$-1400$

Ordinary Seamen– 800$-1100$

Pumpman salary is around 1600$-2000$

Engine Department:

Motorman Salary is around 1200$-1500$

Oiler salary is 800$-1200$

Fitter Salary is 1000$-1200$

Repairman Salary is around 900$ to 1200$.

Note: For ratings, salary also includes the overtime they do in one month. Every company has different policies for it.

Join As Officer In Merchant Navy

There are two ways to join merchant navy as officer. Either as an engineer or as officer.

for joining engineering department as an engineer you have to do either marine engineering or electrical engineering.

To join deck department as an officer one has to pass 12 th and join nautical science. To know more how to join merchant navy click here.

Salary In Merchant Navy for Engineer

Marine Engineers are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the machinery on board ships. There are a total of five ranks of engineers onboard merchant navy ship. But to reduce cost sometimes you will find only three engineers on board ship.

The Junior most rank is a junior engineer or trainee marine engineer or engine cadet.

“salary of marine engineer in merchant navy”


salary of junior engineer in Merchant Navy

Indian company pays less so it starts from INR 15000/- and goes up to USD 900/-

After getting six months of experience junior engineer can write exam for his next rank. that is the fourth engineer.

Sometimes after passing you have to sail as a junior watchkeeping engineer then you will get a promotion to fourth engineer.

The salary of junior watchkeeping engineer is USD 1500

Salary of fourth engineer is USD 2300 To 3500

Salary of Third Engineer is USD 3000 To 4500

Salary of eto or electro-technical officer is USD 4000 To 7000

Salary of Second engineer is USD 6500 To 9200

Salary of chief engineer is USD 8500 To 14000

Note.. The above salary depends upon many factors.

Salary In Merchant Navy For Deck Officer

Deck Department is responsible for Navigation of Ship and loading and discharging of cargos. The number of officers and their salaries is similar to those of engineers.

The junior-most rank in merchant navy for deck officer is deck cadet.

After getting enough experience he goes for an exam and gets promoted to third officer. But now a days instead of promoting directly to third officer company promotes to junior watchkeeping officer then next contract as third officer. Its all about demand and supply which means we have enough third officers and company requirement is less.

The salary of junior watchkeeping officer is USD 1500

Salary of Third Officer is USD 2300 To 3500

Salary of Second Officer is USD 3000 To 4500

Salary of Chief Officer is USD 6500 To 9200

Salary of Captain is USD 8500 To 14000

Salary for ratings

Deck Department-Bosun Salary-1400$-1800$Able Seaman– 1100$-1400$Ordinary Seamen– 800$-1100$For Engine Department:Pumpman salary is around 1000$-1800$Motorman Salary is around 1200$-1500$Oiler salary is 800$-1200$Fitter Salary is 1000$-1200$Repairman Salary is around 900$ to 1200$.Note: For ratings, salary also includes the overtime they do in one month. Every company has different policies for it.

Factors deciding Salary In Merchant Navy

  1. ship is Indian flag or foreign flag
  2. Nationality of crew
  3. Types of ship e.g bulk carrier, oil tanker, LNG carrier etc. Bulk carrier pays less salary where as LNG pays more.
  4. Nationality of company
  5. Paying while on board ship or paying while on leave as well.
  6. Reputation of the company e.g Shell, B.P pays highest In industry.
  7. Facilities on board ships
  8. Experience of engineers.

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