• If a portable carbon dioxide fire extinguisher has been partially discharged, it should be immediately
  1. Tagged and restowed it properly in its rack
  2. Weighed the charge loss recorded before being returned to its rack
  3. Given to the chief engineer for charging
  4. Tagging ‘empty’ and stowed separately from charged extinguishers                *
  • If heavy smoke is coming from the paint locker, the first fire fighting response should be to _______
  1. Release the CO2 flooding system
  2. Open the door to evaluate the extent of the fire
  3. Enter and use portable extinguisher
  4. Secure the ventilation                *
  • A 1200 litres SCABA bottle duration is ____
  1. 25 minutes
  2. 20 minutes
  3. 30 minutes             *
  4. 45 minutes
  • What is the best fire fighting medium on a gas tanker ?
  1. Water
  2. Foam
  3. DCP                   *
  4. Carbon dioxide
  • The main advantage of steady steam water on a class A fire is that it ______
  1. Removes the oxygen
  2. Washes the fire away
  3. Protect the fire fighting crew
  4. Break up and cools the fire                    *
  • The capacity of a fire pump on a cargo ship should not be more than 180 metre cube per hour
  1. True              *
  2. False
  • As per regulations, the minimum length of a life line should be _______
  1. 30 meters                *
  2. 20 meters
  3. 15 meters
  4. None of the above
  • In a container ship if the cargo hold is designed to carry dangerous goods, it should have ______ fire fighting system.
  1. Sprinkler system
  2. Sprinkler and CO system               *
  3. CO2
  4. None of the above
  • If you are on watch at night in port and discover a fire in #1 hatch, what should be your first action ?
  1. Inform the chief mate and master
  2. Sound the general alarm              *
  3. Release carbon dioxide into the hatch
  4. Lead a fire hose to the hatch
  • Fire fighting with foam is only effective when the foam ____
  1. Penetrates to the bottom of the fire
  2. Mixes with the burning fuel oil
  3. Is kept saturated with low velocity water fog
  4. Completely covers the top of the burning liquid                  *
  • Hydrostatic test of CO2 lines is carried out every 10 years
  1. True                    *
  2. False
  • Fire in an engine compartment is best extinguished with carbon dioxide gas and by ______
  1. Completely closing the compartment                  *
  2. Closing the compartment except for the ventilators
  3. Leaving the compartment open to the air
  4. Increasing the air flow to the compartment by blowers
  • Which type of fire extinguisher is hard to recharge on board ?
  1. DCP
  2. Foam
  3. CO2                   *
  4. Water type
  • Before initiating the engine room fixed CO2 system to extinguish a major uncontrolled fire, what will be the first step towards it?
  1. Stop the main engine
  2. Evacuate all engine room personnel                        *
  3. Start the emergency diesel generator
  4. Turn off electrical power
  • Which toxic gas is a product of incomplete combustion and is often present when a fire burns in a closed compartment ?
  1. Hydrogen sulphide
  2. Carbon monoxide                  *
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Nitric oxide
  • A hand portable CO2 fire extinguisher is effectively in burning oil only ______
  1. If applied promptly                   *
  2. If applied in connection with foam
  3. To prevent rekindling
  4. If attempt to extinguish the fire with low velocity fog has failed
  • In cargo ships the diameter of fire main need to be sufficient for the discharge of _____ with two pumps simultaneously delivering through nozzles
  1. 135 meter cube per hour
  2. 145 meter cube per hour
  3. 14 meter cube per hour
  4. 140 meter cube per hour                       *
  • Foam extinguisher are checked by authorized shore persons every 5 years
  1. True
  2. False           *
  • Spontaneous combustion is caused by ______
  1. An outside heat source heating a substance until it ignites
  2. Conduction of heat through a wall of material to the substance
  3. Chemical action with the substance                 *
  4. All of the above
  • The maximum distance between centre to centre of heat detectors is 10 metre
  1. True
  2. False                 *
  • Which is the following is specially dedicated to receive shore supplied water ?
  1. Isolating wave
  2. International shore connection             *
  3. Fire main line
  4. None of the above
  • The longer an oil fire is permitted to burn, the ______
  1. Harder is to extinguish              *
  2. Easier is to extinguish
  3. Less chance there is of re-ignition
  4. Easier it is to control
  • Which of the following is not required to be part of vessel’s fire control plan?
  1. Ventilation fan location
  2. Ventilation fan capacity               *
  3. Ventilation fan control
  4. Ventilation dampers
  •  Sprinkler mainline is connected to the main sea water line
  1. True                   *
  2. False
  • A specific document which identifies a chemical, and a list its physical properties, health hazards, required controls, fire fighting procedures, cleanup methods, waste disposal and the safe handling is commonly called as _____
  1. Hazardous chemical information sheet
  2. Material safety data sheet                       *
  3. Hazardous chemical loading document
  4. Physical or chemical characteristics document
  • What is the primary hazard other than fire damage associated with a class C fire?
  1. Flash over
  2. Possibility of re-flash
  3. Electrocution or shock                           *
  4. Explosion



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