• Tonsils are special collections of lymphoid tissue, are protective structures and are located primarily at the entrances of the respiratory and digestive system
  1. True              *
  2. False
  • A tissue is a group of like cells working together
  1. True        *
  2. False
  • Which fire extinguisher is most prone to freezing when stowed in low temperature?
  1. Halon 1211
  2. Carbon dioxide
  3. Foam           *
  4. Cry chemical
  • You discover a particle embedded in the casualty cornea. You should
  1. Remove the particle with a moist corner of a facial tissue or clean cloth
  2. Flush the eye with water for 10 min
  3. Use a splinter force to remove the particle
  4. Cover the eye and transport the casualty to medical help                 *
  • Tissue make up organs. An organ is structure performing a particular function
  1. True    *
  2. False
  • After an extremity fracture has been immobilised, the responder should check for circulation
  1. In the injured limb only
  2. Distal to the injury                  *
  3. Proximal to the injury
  4. At the site of the fracture
  • When performing adult CPR you give
  1. 2 slow breaths and 30 chest compressions              *
  2. 1 slow breaths and 10 chest compressions
  3. 5 slow breaths and 10 chest compressions
  4. 3 slow breaths and 15 chest compressions
  • What method of handling you see if victim is unconscious
  1. Pick a back method
  2. Fireman lift
  3. Simple fore and aft carry
  4. Both B and C                  *
  • The heat produces motive force to drive the blood, is located just below the diaphragm extending slightly to the right, the size of heart of an average is weighing ½ kg   
  1. True
  2. False              *
  • A faint is a brief loss of consciousness of more than momentary duration caused by a temporary reduction in the flow of blood to the brain. How would you prevent anyone from fainting ?
  1. If standing in a crowd, flex the leg muscles and toes to aid circulation
  2. Try to keep the person in an upstanding position
  3. Tell the person to sit down in a sitting position breathing normally
  4. Tell the person to sit down and lean forward with the head between the knees taking deep breaths                  *
  • What is the most important thing to do if you think someone is having a heart attack ?
  1. Give aspirin and wait to see
  2. Help the person lie down
  3. Call the persons doctor
  4. Call medical help                         *
  • To safety perform a chair carry you need ?
  1. 2 rescuers
  2. 3 rescuers                     *
  3. 4 rescuers
  4. 5 rescuers
  • What is the best way to remove a tick ?
  1. Smoother it in butter
  2. Lift it put carefully with tweezers                 *
  3. Scrape it off with a hard, flat object like a credit card
  4. Burn it off with a hot match
  • You have a casualty that is muttering to themselves but not making any sense. The face appears to be dropping in one side what might be wrong with them ?
  1. They are have a heart attack
  2. They are in shock after witnessing an accident
  3. They may be having a stroke                 *
  4. None of the above
  • Urine enters the bladder through which structure ?
  1. Ureters            *
  2. Collecting duct
  3. Kidney
  4. Urethra
  • What damage could occur if first aider’s hand are placed at hte tip of the sternum during heart compression ?
  1. The patient may vomit as his stomach is squeezed
  2. The lungs may be punctured leading to severe loss of breath
  3. The ribs might be cracked                               *
  4. The liver might be torn leading to severe internal bleeding
  • Blood is a vehicle for the human cardiovascular system, its major subdivision are the plasma including red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets
  1. True                 *
  2. False
  • When caring for a chocking infant what position is the infant held ?
  1. Upside down by ankles and shoulders
  2. Face up on flat surface
  3. Face down on your fore arm with head lower than the body               *
  4. Face down on your knee with head lower than the body
  • Signs that hernia is serious include
  1. Pain and tenderness at site             *
  2. Pale, ashen skin colour at site
  3. Hernia can be pushed back into the body
  4. Hernia is above the diaphragm
  • How you should react to an emergency ?
  1. Asses the scene for safety
  2. Estimate the number of victims and call help
  3. Get the first aid kit put on PPE before helping
  4. All of the above           *
  • The proper stimulant for unconscious person is
  1. Tea
  2. Coffee
  3. Whiskey and water
  4. Ammonia inhalant                    *
  • If someone suffers heart attack and has ceased breathing, you should ?
  1. Immediately give stimulant by force if necessary
  2. Make the victim comfortable in a bunk
  3. Immediately start CPR                 *
  4. Administer oxygen
  • A communicate fracture is one where the bone has
  1. Broken into pieces which are floating                          *
  2. Broken where only part of the bone is fractured
  3. Broken clearly with each and attached
  4. Broken and is affecting muscles and nerve
  • In order to initiate CPR on a drowning victim
  1. Start chest compression before the victim is removed from the water
  2. Drain water from the lungs before ventilating
  3. Begin mouth-to-mouth ventilation                            *
  4. Do not lit the head back since it may cause vomiting
  • Some people are very allergic to insect bites and stings. The condition is called ______.
  1. Septic chock
  2. Cardiac arrest
  3. Toxic shock and syndrome
  4. Anaphylactic shock                *
  • The goal of medical service is to provide
  1. Satisfactory treatment of male seamen
  2. Provide treatment for those in need of urgent medical care                  *
  3. To provide help to seamen in time of financial need
  4. To provide help in the sea of disabled people
  • Heat stroke attack bodies vital organs except
  1. Brain
  2. Heart
  3. Kidney
  4. Bones                  *
  • When performing abdominal thrust how many thrust do you do ?
  1. 1 to 5 thrust
  2. 6 to 10 thrust                 *
  3. 15 to 20 thrust
  4. 30 to 40 thrust
  • What does the ABC’s for first aid stand for ?
  1. The letters in the alphabet
  2. Air, breathing, circulation
  3. Airway , breathing, circulation                         *
  4. None of the above
  • If a person is chocking you should do nothing as long as
  1. They are coughing                            *
  2. They are still conscious
  3. Their face has not turned blue
  4. They start crying
  • Before giving CPR you should make sure ?
  1. They are not bleeding
  2. They are conscious or unconscious             *
  3. They are not vomiting
  4. They are not dead
  • You are alone and administering CPR to an victim. How many chest compression and how many inflations should you administer in each sequence ?
  1. 15 compression then 2 inflations
  2. 15 compression then 4 inflations
  3. 30 compression then 2 inflations        *
  4. 30 compression then 4 inflations
  • The content of the first aid kit include the following except
  1. Micropore
  2. Macropore                     *
  3. Bandages
  4. Scissor
  • Advance communications system and technology stipulated by WHO where medical advice can be sought by
  1. Tele medicine
  2. Satellite communication
  3. Radio medical advice                  *
  4. Compulsory in board specialized
  • Which of the following is not a good approach to managing stress
  1. Talking directly to the person who is causing the stress
  2. Giving yourself a treat like comfort food or a cocktail                          *
  3. Accepting that there are things beyond your control
  4. Trying cognitive-therapy to learn new coping skills
  • A high-fiber, low-fat diet and regular exercise can help to ____.
  1. Increase CVD
  2. Increase weight
  3. Lose weight            *
  4. None
  • Which of the following is a laboratory procedure developed to provide an objective behavioural measure of the tendency to binge eat /
  1. Palatability test
  2. Food pre-load test            *
  3. Full capacity test
  4. Fully loaded test
  • Pick one of the following familial factors that plays a role in the development of eating disorders ?
  1. Parental attitudes to sex
  2. Parental obesity                      *
  3. Parental attitudes to the media
  4. Parental attitudes to education
  • Body dissatisfaction is associated with triggering bouts of
  1. Purging
  2. Binging
  3. Dieting                     *
  4. Shopping
  • You discover a particle embedded in the casualty’s cornea. You should ?
  1. Remove the particle with the moist corner of a facial tissue or clean cloth
  2. Flush the eye with water for 10 minutes
  3. Use a splinter force to remove the particle
  4. Cover the eye and transport the casualty to medical help                   *


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