• The purpose of remotely controlled measuring of tank levels are to measure
  1. Height from liquid surface to top stringers in the tank
  2. Height of liquid in the tank                       *
  3. Height from bottom shell to top stringers in the tank
  4. Height of bottom girders in the tank
  • One of the following is Not an alarm on an inert gas plant, which one ?
  1. Low pressure alarm
  2. Low oxygen alarm                     *
  3. Deck seal low water alarm
  4. Scrubber high water level alarm
  • While commencement of loading cargo direct high pressure loading is advisable
  1. True
  2. False                            *
  • On all gas ships, any pipe-work entering or leaving the cargo tank must do so through the _________ of the tank
  1. At the end
  2. Top                                  *
  3. Bottom
  4. Forward end
  • If a centrifugal pump operating with a positive suction head becomes air bound, your FIRST response should be to ______
  1. Vent the casting                       *
  2. Tighten the packing
  3. Close the discharge
  4. Reprime the pump
  • How much cleaner is natural gas to burn ?
  1. Reducing carbon dioxide emission by 20% to 30%                         *
  2. Reducing carbon monoxide emissions up to 75%
  3. Reducing nitrous oxide emission by approximately 50%
  4. All of the above
  • Self contained breathing apparatus – SCBA is also called as
  1. Compressed air breathing apparatus – CABA                              *
  2. EEBD
  3. ELSA
  4. None of the above
  • The space enclosed by the ships structure in which a cargo containment system is situated called ______
  1. Hold space
  2. Compressor room
  3. Motor room
  4. Engine room      
  • The liquefied gas is normally carried in its fully refrigerated condition at its atmospheric boiling point of -1040 c  is _________
  1. Ethylene                                 *
  2. Propane
  3. Butane
  4. Ammonia
  • How is cooling / cleaning water supplied to the inert gas scrubber tower ?
  1. By the main sea water pumps
  2. By the cargo condenser pump
  3. By the scrubber sea water pump                     *
  4. By the deck seal sea water pump
  • Which safety device is fitted on the deck inert as line to monitor the supply condition of the inert gas ?
  1. The inert gas high temperature alarm
  2. The inert gas low flow alarm
  3. The inert gas low pressure alarm                                   *
  4. The inert gas reverse flow alarm
  • Tank relief V/V used for release of excessive pressure
  1. True                                  *
  2. False
  • What characteristics should insulation materials possess for use in gas carriers ?
  1. Low thermal conductivity, ability to bear loads
  2. Ability to withstand mechanical damage, lightweight
  3. Unaffected by cargo liquid or vapour
  4. All the above                               *
  • Which of the following is the ultimate source of energy for us ?
  1. LNG
  2. Solar                     *
  3. CNG
  • Why strainers are commonly installed in the cargo piping system ?
  1. To protect the cargo handling plant
  2. To protect equipment from the damage by foreign objects
  3. Both a and b                 *
  4. None of the above
  • Which of the would you consider essential equipment to carry when working on the deck of ship carrying ammonia ?
  1. Gloves
  2. Personal o2 meter
  3. Gas mask                          *
  4. Personal hydrocarbon alarm

  • What is the condition of the inert gas as it is produced by the boilers or inert gas generators ?
  1. Free of oxygen and clean                            *
  2. Hot and containing soot particles
  3. Dirty and saturated
  4. Superheated and black or greyish in colour
  • For what reason cargo sampling is necessary in gas tanker ?
  1. To establish safe conditions prior to cargo transfer
  2. To establish that the cargo is within commercially agreed specifications at various pumps
  3. Both a and b                                  *
  4. None of the above
  • What is the MAIN danger to be guarded against when discharging using a cargo heater with sea water as the heating medium ?
  1. Over pressurizing of the gas side of the heater
  2. Freezing of the water side of the heater                     *
  3. Over pressurizing of the water side of the heater
  4. Overheating of the gas side of the heater
  • Magnesium , titanium , lithium , potassium are classified as
  1. Class A fire
  2. Class B fire
  3. Class C fire
  4. Class D fire                             


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