• Electrical injuries are commonly caused by
  1. Unsafe equipment or installations
  2. A unsafe environment
  3. Unsafe work practices
  4. All of the above                *
  • An alternator is said to be overexcited when it is operating at
  1. Unity power factor
  2. Leading power factor                      *
  3. Lagging power factor
  4. Either lagging or leading power factor
  • In an actual transformer the iron loss remains practically constant from no load to full load because
  1. Value of transformation ratio remains constant
  2. Permeability of transformer core remains constant
  3. Core flux remains practically constant                                  *
  4. Primary voltage remains constant
  • When a blackout occurs what should be your first reaction ?
  1. Inform the chief engineer                       *
  2. Inform the bridge about the reason for blackout and expected time
  3. Investigate the cause of black out
  4. Cancel audible alarms
  • What safeties to be followed while working on high voltage ships ?
  1. The clearance distances and the corresponding voltage to which the qualified person will work
  2. Proper precautionary work techniques
  3. Proper use of PPE
  4. All of the above                *
  • Power loss due to corona is directly proportional to
  1. Radius of conductor
  2. Supply frequency             *
  3. Spacing between conductors
  4. None of these
  • Lower voltage systems supplied through transformers from high voltage systems are to be protected against over voltages. This means
  1. Direct earthing of lower voltage system
  2. Appropriate neutral voltage limiters
  3. Both A and B                  *
  4. None of the above
  • Lower voltage systems supplied through transformers from high voltage systems are protected against over voltages. This means
  1. Direct earthing of lower voltage system
  2. Appropriate neutral voltage limiters
  3. Both A and B                            *
  4. None of the above
  • When two diesels generator stes are running in parallel during your engine room watch, what does it simply ?
  1. That both diesels have the same voltage and the same frequency                         *
  2. That both diesels have the same load in KW same reactive load in KVAR same amperage
  3. That both diesels are running the speed
  4. That both diesels have exactly a 506 share of the active load in KW 
  • In an induction motor, motor runs at a speed
  1. Equal to the speed of stator field
  2. Lower than the speed of stator field                   *
  3. Higher than the speed of stator field
  4. Having no relation with the speed of stator field
  • For liquid-cooled static converters, the following monitoring arrangements shall be provided in addition
  1. Stand-by alarm of coolant pumps
  2. Coolant conductivity
  3. Coolant temperature
  4. All of the above                    *
  • Which of the following is the best conductor ?
  1. Copper
  2. Aluminium
  3. Silver                          *
  4. Iron
  • Alternating current power is transmitted at high voltage
  1. To safeguard against pilferage
  2. To minimise transmission losses                           *
  3. To reduce cost of generation
  4. To make system more reliable
  • Fully partitioned switchboards all selections of a fully partitioned, air insulated high voltage switchboard shall be partitioned with respect to each other and the surrounding so that they are arc-resistant
  1. True                        *
  2. False
  • HV shore supply plug is inter locked with equipotential bonding of ship and shore
  1. True                 *
  2. False
  • Where the procedures involve the removal of circuit main earths, that is testing under sanction for the test the earths will be secured with working locks. The keys to these locks will be
  1. Retained by the duty authorized person (HV) who will remove and replace the earth as requested gap                            *
  2. Retained by the chief engineer
  3. Retained by electro technical officer
  4. Kept in safety locker
  • What are the hazards of Arc Flash ?
  1. During an arc flash, sudden release of large amounts of heat and light energy takes place at he point of arc
  2. Exposure frequently results in a variety of serious injuries and may even be fatal, even when the worker is ten feet or more from the arc cent
  3. Equipment can suffer permanent damage
  4. All of the above                        *
  • Incorporated in HV switch gear low-voltage compartments for control and monitoring systems shall be separated from the high voltage compartments in such a way as to render impossible any contact with parts having a rated supply voltage of more than 1000 V
  1. True                *
  2. False
  • Addition earth on HV system is defined as an earth connection applied to apparatus after the application of a circuit main earth, normally applied at the point of work if not already fitted with circuit main earth
  1. True                            *
  2. False
  • Lower voltage systems supplied through transformers from high voltage systems are to be protected against over voltages. Thus may be achieved by
  1. Direct earthing of lower voltage systems
  2. Appropriate neutral voltage limiters
  3. Both A and B                             *
  4. None of the above
  • What happens in the arc extinction using high resistance method
  1. Arc resistance is decreased with time
  2. Arc resistance is increased with time               *
  3. No change it remains same
  4. Arc resistance is kept zero
  • For the high voltage conductors at high pressures, if the voltage is positive then corona appears as a
  1. Uniform bluish white sheath                     *
  2. Reddish glowing spots
  3. Uniform greenish spots
  4. None of these
  • SF6 also has a high thermal heat capacity that can absorb the energy of the arc without much of a temperature rise
  1. True                       *
  2. False 
  • The heat produced at the contact point owing to flow of electric current is least affected by _______
  1. Temperature of the surrounding medium             *
  2. Contact resistance
  3. Magnitude of electric current flowing
  4. Duration of flow of current
  • In a circuit breaker, ionisation is facilitated by _____
  1. Increase in field strength
  2. Increase in mean free length
  3. High temperature of the surrounding medium
  4. All of the above                      *
  • If two alternators are running in proper synchronism and the voltage of one machine is suddenly increased
  1. Both machine will stop
  2. One machine will stop
  3. Synchronising torque will be produced to restore further synchronism                        *
  4. None of the above
  • In an alternator, when the load power factor is unity
  1. The armature flux will be demagnetising
  2. The armature flux will be cross magnetising                      *
  3. The armature flux will reduce to zero
  4. The armature flux will have square wave from
  • The most commonly used insulating materials for low and medium voltage cables is
  1. Polyethylene
  2. Porcelain
  3. PVC                 *
  4. Vulcanized rubber
  • For voltage measurements, the gap which gives highest accuracy is
  1. Sphere gaps                         *
  2. Field gaps
  3. Rod gaps
  4. None of these


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