• The heat given to or given up by the substance in changing state is called
  1. Conduction
  2. Fusion
  3. Latent heat      *
  4. Solidification
  • What is the use of IGS interlock switch in inert gas system?
  1. To avoid running inert gas when oxygen content increased to 8% volume    *
  2. For using inert gas in gas free mode
  3. If the tank pressure in IGS system drops to 100 mm of water gauge cargo oil pump will trip
  4. Atmosphere valve will get fully open if oxygen content increase to 8% by volume
  • A centrifugal pump requires priming…………
  1. To initially unload the pump by having its head pressure equal to discharge pressure
  2. Due to the inability of this type of pump to lift water to cover the suction eye of the impeller        *
  3. In order to overcome the potential energy of water in the discharge line
  4. Primary to lubricate the shaft seal
  • Segregated or dedicated blast
  1. It is meant by segregation of dirty and clean blast
  2. It is meant by individual tank blast water in tanks which has been exchanged and which are yet exchanged
  3. It is the standard quantity of ballast maintained by any ship in a repeated voyage in the same trade
  4. It is the ballast kept in tanks segregated from cargo pipes and tanks     *
  • ISGOTT stands for

International safety guide for oil tankers and terminals     *

International safety guide for oil tankers and terminal

International safety guide for gas and oil tankers

International safety guide for oil terminals

  • One of the requirements for crude oil washing on tankers is that an inert gas system be fitted. According to regulations supply of an inert gas system can have portable connection to which spaces other than cargo tank?

  1. Every cargo tank
  2. Every cargo tank, Slop tank and cofferdam
  3. Every  cargo tank and slop tank   *
  4. Every cargo tank, slop tank, cofferdam and ramp spaces
  • During cargo operations, wind blowing may ___________

  1. Lower the temperature of oil cargo
  2. Form eddies containing petroleum vapour  *
  3. Decrease air pressure in cargo tank
  4. Increase air pressure in cargo tank
  • Is slop tanks included in total cargo capacity?

  1. Only on cleaning blast tankers
  2. Yes it is *
  3. Only segregated blast tankers
  4. No it is not
  • During gas dispersion, if  chemical reaction between gas and liquid phase is needed, then the preferred choice is
  1. Agitated vessel  *
  2. Sparked vessel
  3. Tray tower
  4. Wetted wall column
  • It is a rule that the inert gas supply was to the cargo tanks must be provided for

  1. Drainage of the inert gas
  2. Fitting blind or spectacle flange
  3. Securing and locking in a closed position *
  4. Easy removal and inspection.
  • Cause of uncontrolled liquid or vapour release can occur through
  1. Overfilling of tanks
  2. Unforeseen opening of safety release valves, bursting hose or cargo piping fracture
  3. Tank or pipe leakage
  4. All of the above *
  • What is the best method for extinguishing fire of escaping liquefied flammable gas?
  1. Cooling the gas below the ignition point
  2. Stopping the flow of gas        *
  3. Interrupting the chain reaction
  4. Cutting of the supply of oxygen
  • A bigger spell of LPG will be eligible as a______ which is condensed water vapour from the atmosphere
  1. White cloud      *
  2. Blue cloud
  3. Black cloud
  4. None of these
  • A centrifugal pump should always be started against a closed or partially open valve in order to _____load
  1. Minimise     *
  2. Maximise
  3. Increase
  4. none
  • in IG, the mass of the water vapour contained in a given volume of saturated gas depends on the ____ of the gas
  1. temperature                           *
  2. pressure
  3. volume
  4. velocity
  • that part of the ship which contains the cargo containment system, cargo pumps, compressor room containment system, excluding where fitted, cofferdams, ballast tanks and void spaces at the after end of forward most hold space are known as
  1. cargo containment
  2. cargo area   *
  3. motor room
  4. none of the above
  • The purpose of pressure/vacuum valves is to
  1. Major pressure or suction levels in cargo tanks
  2. Enable load or discharge of oil without opening sighting ports
  3. Provide for the flow of small volumes of tank atmospheres          *
  4. Provide an audible alarm in the event of pressure build up
  • What should an emergency plan should be directed to?
  1. The rescue and treatment of casualties and safeguarding others
  2. Minimising damage to ship, property and environment
  3. Containing and bringing the incident under control
  4. All of the above            *
  • Why the carriage and usage of hand gas lighters are provided on board oil and chemical tankers? What is used for igniting a fire?
  1. Intrinsically safe lighters are used to test the heat and flame detectors
  2. Safety igniters are used for lighting out gas torches before heat work
  3. Safety matches are available to use in the designated smoking area            *
  4. Both A and C
  • An enclosed space in the cargo area external to a cargo containment system room or any space in normal use by personnel is called
  1. Accommodation
  2. Gas free area
  3. Void space          *
  4. None of the above
  • What are consequences of high oxygen content alarm sound during normal operation?
  1. The plant s shutdown
  2. The pressure control valve and the fire isolating valves will automatically close
  3. The alarm in CCR will sound loud and plant will auto stop       *
  4. The deck demand valve will automatically close, the atmosphere purge valve will open and furnace press pressure control valve will close
  • The static suction head of a pump is the____
  1. Distance the suction liquid level is below the centre line of the pump    *
  2. Amount in inches of mercury the total section head is below atmospheric pressure
  3. Force necessary to overcame frictional losses in the pump and piping
  4. Distance of the suction liquid level above the centreline of the pump
  • How can you determine which grades of cargo tank vessel is permitted to carry?
  1. Check the loading order
  2. Ask the terminal supervisor or his representative
  3. Examine the cargo tanks and fittings
  4. Refer to the vessel’s certificate of inspection            *
  • When cargo discharge into pressurized storage cargo booster pump and cargo heater runs in ___ with the cargo pump
  1. Series                  *
  2. Parallel
  3. Equally
  4. None
  • Life boat should have
  1. 2 buoyant rescue quoits attached not less than 30m buoyant line                 *
  2. 2 buoyant rescue quoits attached not less than 15m buoyant line
  3. 1 buoyant rescue quoits attached not less than 30m buoyant line
  4. 1 buoyant rescue quoits attached not less than 15m buoyant line
  • A cargo tank which has been gas-freed can be inert by introducing inert gas through a process known as
  1. Evaporation
  2. Dilution
  3. Displacement              *
  4. Precipitation
  • What kind of extinguishing remedy should you choose to put out electrical fire?
  1. Water
  2. Dry powder          *
  3. Foam
  4. Combination of water mist and CO2
  • The build up of wet solids on the IG blower impeller blade tips indicates____ problems
  1. Baffles
  2. Deck seal
  3. Demister     *
  4. None of the above
  • Third degree of burn is destruction of skin and possible under laying fat, muscle
  1. True         *
  2. False
  • In a scrubber, ______ is readily observed by water
  1. SO2                      *
  2. SO3
  3. SO4
  4. SOx




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