• The international distress, safety and calling frequency is channel_______
  1. 16              *
  2. 18
  3. 22
  4. 13
  • If more than one liferaft is manned after the vessel has sunk, what action will aid in your recue ?
  1. Each raft should go in a different direction in search of land
  2. The possibility of a search aircraft finding you is increased by spreading out
  3. Tie each of the rafts together and try to stay in a single group                *
  4. Reduce the number of liferaft
  • If it was required to abandon ship, you should
  1. Push all passengers to slip into the water or life raft
  2. Assist the passengers to slip into the water or life raft           *
  3. Get all passengers off before inflating the life raft
  4. Jump into the water first to encourage passengers to follow you
  • A muster station list includes
  1. The place of emergency assembly                      *
  2. The emergency signals used by the vessel
  3. The allocation of lifeboats for passengers only
  4. The allowance of personal property you can take
  • When should the control of flooding of your vessel be addressed ?
  1. Only if a threat exists
  2. Following control of fire                     *
  3. Following restoration of vital services
  4. First
  • A motor lifeboat shall carry sufficient fuel to operate continuously for a period of which duration ?
  1. 12 hours
  2. 18 hours
  3. 24 hours          *
  4. 36 hours
  • You are evacuating crew members from a survival craft that has been adrift in the north Atlantic for several days. What could occur if a person suffering from hypothermia is vertically lifted in a recue sling to the helicopter ?
  1. A decrease in the symptoms of hypothermia
  2. Temporary blindness from the altitude change
  3. Severe shock or cardiac arrest                  *
  4. Frostbite on exposed areas
  • Life buoys are subjected to which of the following tests ?
  1. Crop test
  2. Fire test
  3. Floatation test
  4. All of the above                        *
  • A continuous ringing of a ship’s bell indicates
  1. Go to muster station
  2. Abandon ship
  3. A fire emergency             *
  4. Dinner is ready
  • After being called to muster stations, if sometime will elapse before abandonment, the master should ensure that all passengers and crew
  1. Have a glass of whisky to keep them warm
  2. Go to the toilet before abandoning
  3. Choose the life raft they want to go into
  4. Have a good drink of water and collect grab bags and warm clothing                         *
  • You have heard the signal seven short + one prolonged blast. You should
  1. Report directly to your muster station with your suitcase and life jacket
  2. Jump overboard
  3. Collect the nearest available life jacket and proceed on deck as fast as possible                  *
  4. Seek out other passengers to find out the nature of the problem
  • Informational on safety and hazard control practices and procedures on a vessel is described in
  1. Your employment contract
  2. The vessel’s log book
  3. The instructions written on lifebuoys
  4. The vessel’s safety management manual                   *
  • Smoking is only permitted in the galley between meals
  1. True
  2. False                   *
  • A person who sees someone fall overboard should ____.
  1. Go to the bridge for the distress flares
  2. Run to the radio room to send an emergency message
  3. Call for help and keep the individual in sight                          *
  4. Immediately jump in the water to assist the individual
  • Safety equipment is checked by the crew
  1. Before and during each voyage                    *
  2. Only at annuals surveys
  3. Not the responsibility f the crew
  4. If it is damaged
  • Eye protection is required for which of the following hazards ?
  1. Flying particles
  2. Liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids
  3. Chemical gases or vapours
  4. All of the above                    *
  • Welding shields primarily protect against
  1. Dust
  2. Metal splatter                 *
  3. Splashes
  4. Flying particles
  • Hearing protection is required when you are exposed to a noise level of 85 decibels or higher for an 8-hour period of time
  1. True
  2. False                       *
  • Which of the following types of gloves should you wear when working with chemicals ?
  1. Butyl rubber gloves                              *
  2. Fabric gloves
  3. Leather gloves
  4. Both A and C
  • Personal protective equipment is required when
  1. Employers suffer an injury
  2. An employees suffer an injury
  3. An employee asks for it
  4. Engineering, work practice, and administrative controls do not provide sufficient protection against hazards                                    *
  • The safe and efficient use of the face piece of a demand type self contained breathing apparatus is directly influenced by
  1. The donning of the face piece
  2. The stowing of the face piece
  3. The maintenance of face piece
  4. All of the above                           *
  • The person is responsible for ensuring that the required drills are carried out is the
  1. The local waterways inspector
  2. The master, skipper or designated person                 *
  3. The engineer on board
  4. The owner
  • Information on fire safety and hazard control practices and procedures on a vessel is described in
  1. The engine room log
  2. The vessel’s safety management                                 *
  3. The bar diary
  4. The instruction written on fire extinguishers
  • In the event of a person falling overboard, you would
  1. Encourage passengers to jump in to rescue the MOB
  2. Ask passengers to stand back to allow crew to manage emergency                                 *
  3. Jump overboard to rescue  the MOB
  4. Push the passengers into the cabin and lock the door
  • In the event of a small rubbish bin fire in the accommodation, you would
  1. Shout fire, fire so all the passengers in the cabin hear you
  2. Go to see the skipper to ask his advice
  3. Pick it up and run with it to the outer decks
  4. Cover it with a fire blanket                             *
  • Communication between member of a fire fighting team
  1. Must be by hand signal to avoid smoke inhalation
  2. Are not possible when using breathing apparatus
  3. Must be clear, detailed, acknowledged and timely
  4. Must be clear, concise, acknowledged and timely                       *
  • After having activated the emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) , you should _____
  1. Turn it OFF for five minutes every half hour
  2. Turn it OFF and on at five min intervals
  3. Turn it OFF during daylight hours
  4. Leave it ON continuously                  *
  • After being launched a totally enclosed lifeboat which has been afloat over  a long period of time requires _______
  1. Frequent opening of hatches to permit entry of fresh air
  2. Regular checks and pumping out of the bilge levels                               *
  3. use of ear plugs to dampen engine noise
  4. frequent flushing of the water spray system with fresh water
  • most enclosed lifeboats will automatically right themselves if they capsize this will occur when which of the following conditions exist ?
  1. the lower ballast tanks are filled with water
  2. the fuel tanks are not less than half full
  3. the passengers are trapped to their seats                           *
  4. the sea anchor is deployed to windward
  • How many VHF survival craft transceivers are required aboard passenger ships ?
  1. 2
  2. 3                 *
  3. 4
  4. 5
  • The radiotelephone safety message urgently concerned with safety of a person would be prefixed by the word ______
  1. Mayday
  2. Pan                       *
  3. Safety
  4. Interco
  • Using a hand held smoke signal aboard a survival craft you should activate the signal _____
  1. On the upwind side of the craft
  2. Inside the craft
  3. At the stern of the craft
  4. On the downwind side of the craft                  *
  • When firing, the line throwing apparatus should be held at
  1. 30 degrees to the horizontal
  2. 45 degrees to the horizontal                      *
  3. 60 degrees to the horizontal
  4. 75 degrees to the horizontal




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