• Vessel 100 meters and over in length should have
  1. 10 lifebuoys                       *
  2. 14  life buoys
  3. 16 life buoys
  4. 18 life buoys
  • The function of hydrostatic release unit is ______
  1. Substitute for limit switch of gravity davits
  2. To automatically unhook the lashing and release the life raft when the ship sinks                   *
  3. For releasing life raft in bad weather
  4. For releasing life raft from sinking vessel
  • What are the characteristics of CO2
  1. It displaces oxygen
  2. It is in itself not dangerous (not poisonous)
  3. It is heavier than oxygen
  4. All the above               *
  • Which of the listed requirements regarding the buoyant smoke signals do not correspond to present regulations. The buoyant smoke signal shall
  1. Not be swamped in a seaway
  2. Give a bright red light during the entire emission time                              *
  3. Continue to emit smoke when submerged in water for a period of 10 seconds under 10 cm of water
  4. Emit smoke for at least 3 minutes when floating n calm water
  • Which one of the listed requirements regarding the launching and recovery arrangements for survival craft corresponds to the present SOLAS regulations ?
  1. Means shall be available to prevent any discharge of water on to survival crafts during abandonment
  2. Launching and recovery arrangements shall be such that  the operator at all times observe the survival craft and lifeboats                              *
  3. Each lifeboat shall be provided with separate appliances which is capable of launching and recovering the lifeboat
  4. Different type of launching and recovery arrangements shall be used for similar survival craft on board the ship
  • Which one of the listed requirements regarding the lifeboats propulsion do not correspond to present regulation ?
  1. Means shall be provided for recharging  all engine radio and searching batteries
  2. Water resistant instruction for starting and operating the engine shall be provided
  3. The engine shall be provided with an electric power starting system with rechargeable energy batteries                       *
  4. Every lifeboats shall be powered by a compression ignition engine using fuel with a flame point of not less than 44
  • Which one of the listed requirements regarding abandon ship  and fire drills do not correspond to present regulation ?
  1. A training manual shall be provided n each room and recreation room are in each crew cabin
  2. Each crew member of the crew shall be participate in at least one abandon ship drill and one fire drill every month
  3. On all international voyages except short voyages muster of passengers shall take place within 24 hours after embarkation
  4. On all short international voyages muster of passengers shall take place as soon as possible after departure                           *
  •  After 24 hours in life raft, _____ litre of water per person per day
  1. Half                    *
  2. One
  3. Two
  4. Three
  • Your vessel has been in collision and you are not sure if your vessel is sinking or not, how will you handle this situation ?
  1. Leave the vessel and stay  not close than 5 nautical miles
  2. Make sure that the lifeboat has an much bunker as possible and make your course for nearest land
  3. Wait and see how the situation is developing
  4. Search for missing persons, continue to monitor the situation and prepare for abandonment in ease it becomes necessary                     *
  • Which of the following items shall be included in each fire drills
  1. Checking closure mechanism for all air ventilator and other openings to accommodate engine rooms and cargo spaces
  2. Checking the operation of watertight doors, fire doors, fire dampers and relevant communication equipments                *
  3. Checking the fire wires
  4. Checking operation of fire doors
  • How should the painter of a life raft which is fitted with a hydrostatic release be secured to the ship
  1. Secure directly to a secure point on the ship
  2. It should not be secured anyway
  3. Secure to the part of the hydrostatic release that is designed to break free
  4. Secure via a weak link to a secure point on the ship                        *
  • Which one of the listed requirements regarding partially enclosed lifeboats do not correspond to present regulation ? the canopy between rigid covers shall be
  1. It can easily be erected by two persons
  2. The occupants can escape in case of capsizing
  3. It is insulated to protect equipments against heat and cold
  4. It has windows to admit sufficient daylight inside the boat with the canopy closed              *
  • Which of the following is considered as a general emergency onboard ?
  1. Hull failure
  2. Uncontrolled venting for cargo  jettisoning on gas tankers
  3. Loss of stability during cargo operations
  4. All of the above                 *
  • Which one of the listed requirements regarding the stability of inflatable life rafts do not correspond to present regulation ? the stability of inflatable life raft shall be such that
  1. When floating in the inverted position it can be righted by one person
  2. In the event of capsizing it will automatically attain a position providing an above water escape                  *
  3. Only can be towed with full compliment at speed up to 3 knots
  4. It is stable in a seaway when fully inflated and floating with the canopy uppermost
  • Radar reflector is provided in
  1. Lifeboat
  2. Life raft
  3. Rescue boat
  4. Life boat and life raft                       *
  • What is a hydrostatic release unit ?
  1. An important part connected to the sea anchor
  2. A unit for inflating the life raft
  3. A unit which automatically releases a life raft at a depth of approx 4 metres                  *
  4. A unit which automatically release all securing when abandon the vessel
  • What is the minimum number of channels required for the portable two way VHF,s for survival craft ?
  1. Channel 6,12 and 16
  2. Channel 6, 13 and 16                *
  3. Channel 16 and 12
  4. Channel 16 only
  • Which one of the listed requirements regarding rescue boat equipment do not correspond to present regulation  ? the normal equipment of every rescue boat shall include
  1. Immersion suits for the number of persons the boat id permitted to accommodate               *
  2. A first aid outfit in a watertight case
  3. Two buoyant rescue quoits attached to not less than 30m of line
  4. An efficient radar reflector
  • Falls used in launching shall be renewed not later than how many years ?
  1. 2.5 years
  2. 1 years
  3. 3 years
  4. 5 years                *
  • For how long and at what speed is a fully loaded lifeboat designed to operate in calm weather ?
  1. 6 knots for 24 hours                 *
  2. 4 knots for 48 hours
  3. 3 knots for 24 hours
  4. 10 knots for 24 hours
  • Lifeboat service have to be done by the personnel trained and authorized by the manufacturer for every ______ years
  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5                   *
  4. 6
  • The muster list shall show the duties assigned to the different members of the crew, which of the given duties do not necessarily have to be included in the muster list
  1. Manning of fire particles assign to deal with fires
  2. Clearing escape routes                  *
  3. Preparation and launching of survival crafts
  4. Muster of passengers
  • Life jackets have the following attached to it
  1. Whistle and retro reflective tape
  2. Light and whistle
  3. SI light, whistle and retro reflective tape          *
  4. None of the above
  • How much life raft capacity should be provided on a conventional cargo ship of more than 85 metre in length built after July 1986?

  1. 100% of complement if it can be readily launched on either side of the ship, if it cannot readily launched on either side 150% must be provided on each side                      *
  2. 25% of the compliment on each side of the ship
  3. 75% of the compliment on each side of the ship
  4. 50% of the compliment on each side of the ship
  • What maneuver should be carried out in case of a fire on board a ship ?
  1. Let the ship follow the wind in order to reduce the oxygen supply
  2. Keep the stem up against the wind if possible
  3. Continue on course and speed
  4. Reduce speed and if possible keep the fire zone to the leeward of the ship                    *
  • Which of the following requirements regarding the number of life jackets provided do not correspond to present regulation ?
  1. A number of lifejackets suitable for children equal at least 10% of the number of passengers on board or greater number as may be required to provide a lifejacket for each child
  2. Number of lifejacket equal to at least 10% of the total number of passengers and crew to be placed in the vicinity of the muster station                  *
  3. A sufficient number of life jackets shall be carried for persons on watch
  4. A sufficient number of life jackets for use at remotely located survival craft station
  • At least how ofter shall  rescue boats be launched with their assigned crew and maneuvered in water ?
  1. Every two weeks
  2. Every one month
  3. Every three months                      *
  4. Every week
  • Which of the following actions should be done before throwing this type of inflatable life raft just over the size
  1. Inflate it on deck and then launched it clear below
  2. Take the top off the container to enable life raft to inflate once in the water if all clear throw raft over side
  3. Disconnect the painter and launch it checking that all is clear below
  4. Check that the painter is made fast to a secure point and that the sea below is clear          *
  • Which one of the listed requirements regarding immersion suits do not correspond to the present regulations. The immersion suit shall be made of waterproof materials and constructed such that
  1. It will have sufficient built in buoyancy to avoid the use of life jacket
  2. It will cover the whole body with the exception of the face
  3. It can be unpacked and donned without assistance within 2 minutes
  4. It is provided with arrangements to reduce free air in the legs of the suit               *
  • Match the term immersion suit with most suitable answers given below
  1. Davit launch
  2. Navigation bridge
  3. Protection against cold                *
  4. HRU
  • The number of lifebuoys on a ship is depends on
  1. What owners provide
  2. Minimum of 10
  3. Minimum of 15
  4. Length of the vessel             *
  • Ship specific LSA information is provided in
  1. SOLAS
  3. Verbal Instruction
  4. SOLAS Training Manual          *
  • Which of the following requirements for immersion suits is correct
  1. Donned in 2 minutes
  2. Allow the wearer to jump from 4.5 meters
  3. Allow the wearer to climb down a vertical ladder of 5 meters
  4. All of the above                  *
  • The number of lifebuoys on a cargo ship of length less than 100 meters is
  1. 8                     *
  2. 6
  3. 4
  4. 10
  • How much faster does the human body lose heat in the water
  1. 10
  2. 20
  3. 26             *
  4. 36



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