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  • Luminous intensity of hand flares should not be less than
  1. 15000 CD                       *
  2. 20000 CD
  3. 25000 CD
  4. None of the above
  • Which of the following requirements for immersion suit is correct
  1. Donned in 2 minutes
  2. Allow the wearer to jump from 4.5 metre
  3. Allow the wearer to climb down a vertical ladder of 5 metre
  4. All of the above                  *
  • In a free fall lifeboat, instead of immersion suits TPA is provided to all persons
  1. True
  2. False                    *
  • After launching an inflatable raft, it should be kept dry from inside by ______
  1. Opening the automatic drain plug
  2. Draining the water pockets
  3. Using the electric bilge pump
  4. Using the bailer and cellulose sponge                    *
  • Generally what is used to inflate life rafts
  1. Non-Toxic gas                  *
  2. Hydrogen
  3. Oxygen
  4. Helium
  • The “off-load” release system on a survival craft is designed to be activated ______.
  1. When there is no load on the cable               *
  2. When there is a load on the cable
  3. Only when the doors are closed
  4. When the engine is started
  • How many chapter are there in SOLAS
  1. 14                  *
  2. 7
  3. 12
  4. 10
  • How many VHF survival craft transceivers are required aboard passenger ship ?
  1. 2
  2. 3                     *
  3. 4
  4. 5
  • How can a person on board a ship familiarise himself with the use of life saving appliances ?
  1. LSA code
  2. Maintenance manual
  3. Training manual               *
  4. By roaming around the ship

  • Which code has the technical provisions of carriage requirements for life saving appliances
  1. FFA code
  2. LSA code                 *
  3. FTP code
  4. FSS code
  • What is the requirement for passengers ships having lifeboats ?
  1. Enough for 80% of persons onboard, plus life raft for crew
  2. Enough for all passengers on board, plus life raft for 25% of passengers                 *
  3. Enough for crew, plus 80% life rafts for passengers
  4. Enough for 80% crew, plus life raft for passengers
  • When launching a lifeboat, frapping lines should be rigged _____
  1. Before the grips are released
  2. Before the boat is moved from the davits
  3. At the embarkation deck                    *
  4. After the boat is in the water
  • If an inflatable life raft is to be released manually, where should the operating cord be attached before throwing the raft overboard ?
  1. Do not attach the cord to anything but throw it overboard with the rt container
  2. Attach the cord to a fixed object on the ship                         *
  3. You should stand on the cord
  4. Attach the cord to the special pad eye on the “raft davit launcher”
  • When launching  life boat, the tricing pennants should be released ______
  1. Before the boat is lowered from the stowed position
  2. As the best fall blocks break clear of the davit head
  3. Before the boat is lowered from the embarkation level                              *
  4. After the boat is released into the water
  • The abandon ship command is given by
  1. 7 short blast and 1 long blast
  2. More than 7 short blasts
  3. Verbal order by the master                   *
  4. 1 long blast of at least 10 seconds
  • One of the first action to be taken by survivors when they have boarded an inflatable life raft is to
  1. Steam the sea anchor
  2. Take an anti-seasickness pill                  *
  3. Open the pressure relief valve
  4. Drink at least one can of water
  • Immersion suits can be unpacked and donned within ______
  1. 4 minutes
  2. 2 minutes                     *
  3. 3 minutes
  4. Within 5 minutes
  • With the immersion suit on, you are expected to climb up and down vertical ladder at least ____
  1. 5 metre or 16 feet               *
  2. 4 metre or 13 feet
  3. 4.5 metre or 15 feet
  • Wearing an immersion suit you must be able to jump from a height of 4.5 metre or 15 feet into the water, do you agree ?
  1. Yes                *
  2. No
  3. Only under emergency
  4. Only when rescuing someone from the water
  • The survival craft engine is filled with
  1. Kerosene
  2. Unleaded gasoline
  3. Diesel oil                   *
  4. Liquefied gas
  • HELP position stands for
  1. Heat Exchange Lessening posture                        *
  2. Heat Escape Lessening Period
  3. Heat Exchange Lessening Point
  4. All the above
  • Which one of the listed requirements regarding the stowage of a survival craft corresponds to present SOLAs regulations ? each survival craft shall be
  1. Wherever space is available
  2. In a state of readiness so that two crew members can prepare for embarkation and launching in less than 5 minutes                  *
  3. On the starboard side of the ship
  4. In a secure and sheltered position and protected from damage by fire or explosion
  • Abandon ship drill and fire drill must be held within ____ hours of leaving port if more than 25% of the crew have not taken part in drills on board the ship in the previous month
  1. 12 hours
  2. 24 hours           *
  3. 48 hours
  4. 96 hours
  • Lifebuoys are subjected to which of the following tests ?
  1. Drop test
  2. Fire test
  3. Floatation test
  4. All of the above              *
  • Lifebuoys self-igniting lights shall be capable of burning for not less than
  1. 4 hours
  2. 45 minutes
  3. 2 hours                 *
  4. 8 hours
  • Which one of the listed requirements regarding the use of an immersion suits do not correspond to present regulation ? the suit shall permit the wearer
  1. Jump from a height of 4.5 m into the water without being injured or damaging the suit
  2. Climb up and down vertical ladders from the survival craft embarkation point to the water
  3. Perform normal duties during abandonment             *
  4. Swim a short distance through the water and board a survival craft
  • Which of the listed requirements regarding life saving appliances do not correspond to present regulation ?
  1. All prescribed life saving appliances shall be resistant to deterioration where exposed to sunlight
  2. All prescribed life saving appliances shall be made of non-combustible or fire retardant material                   *
  3. All prescribed life saving appliances shall be of a highly visible colour on parts where this will assist detection
  4. All prescribed life saving appliances shall be fitted with retro reflective material which will assist in detection
  • MOB marker buoy is used in case
  1. The ship is on fire
  2. When some crew member fall into the sea                   *
  3. When the ship is sinking
  4. When some crew had an injury
  • Hydrostatic release unit of a life raft shall
  1. Be provided with a painter system with a breaking strength of not more than 2.2 KN
  2. Be constructed of compatible material to prevent malfunction
  3. Be constructed as to prevent release by seas washing over the unit
  4. All of the above               *
  • Match the term LTA with suitable answers given below
  1. Messenger line
  2. Four projectiles
  3. 230 m
  4. All the above                    *
  • How much water would you allow per persons as officer in charge of the lifeboat, following an abandon ship operation ?
  1. Nothing for the first 24 hours, then ¼ litres per day
  2. ½ litres immediately followed by ¼ litres per day
  3. Nothing for the first 48 hours, then ¼ litres per day
  4. Nothing for the first 24 hours, then ½ litres per day                   *
  • The maximum capacity of the life boat is
  1. 20
  2. 30
  3. 150                 *
  4. 100
  • On board training manual is required as per
  1. SOLAS              *
  2. ISM Code
  3. MLC
  4. STCW




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