1. Any steering gear alarm can only be successfully acknowledged from
    • The Bridge
    • The engine control room
    • The Steering compartment
    • The ships office
  2. Appointment of the designated person ashore (DPA) is a requirement under which of the following instruments
    • STCW Code
    • ISPS code
    • MARPOL 73/78
    • ISM Code
  3. The SCR Prototypes achieved an ______% reduction of NOx emissions over the same engine without SCRR
    • 78
    • 80
    • 85
    • 90
  4. What is the injection viscosity of the fuel oil at the nozzle
    • 30 to 40 CST
    • 15 to 20 CST
    • 20 to 30 CST
    • Above 40 CST
  5. Where do you find minimum Drill requirements
    • In the SOLAS Convention
    • In the Owners instructions
    • in the Classification society rules
    • In the managers instruction
  6. Which of the following identification particulars of a ship will never change of owner or Flag
    • Name of the Ship
    • Official number of the ship
    • IMO identification number
    • Call sign
  7. What is the max H2S (hydrogen sulphide ) in the Bunker sample
    • 0.5 mg/kg
    • 1.5 mg/kg
    • 3.5 mg /kg
    • 2.0 mg/kg
  8. An alarm signal consisting of seven short blast followed by one prolonged blast is sounded by the ships whistle and alarm bells. What are you to do
    • Go to (or remain in ) your cabin and await  further orders
    • Go to the fire station
    • Report to the Bridge (deck crew) or engine room(engine crew) for further orders
    • Go to the Muster station in basic PPE and Life jacket wait for further order
  9. Chemical compound that prevents caking in DCP type Fire extinguisher
    • Sodium sterrate
    • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Magnesium Sterrate
    • Magnesium Bicarbonate
  10. When refueling the following precautions should be observed
    1. Only refill  tanks which are less than quarter full
    2. Mooring lines must be tightened up
    3. Vessel should be listed away from the jetty
    4. No Smoking during refueling
  11. Hi  fog system for a RO-RO ship effective average water distribution height not exceeding 2.5 mtr
    1. 2.5 L/m2 min
    2. 3.0 L/m2 min
    3. 3.5  L/m2 min
    4. 5 L/m2 min
  12. As per  the  new  regulation  VIII/1.2 STCW administration must establish preventing alcohol abuse a limit is set not exceeding
    • 0.05% blood alcohol
    • 0.30 mg/L in the breath
    • 0.10 % blood alcohol
    • 0.50 mg/L in the breath
  13. What are the additional requirements on tankers for Fire Fighting
    • Fixed Fire fighting system
    • Deluge system
    • Sprinkler system on Life boats
    • Emergency towing arrangements
  14. Shaft tunnel requires
    • Drain
    • Escape trunk
    • Water tight door
    • All of the above
  15. A fire started by spontaneous combustion can be expected in
    • Oily rags or stained clothing incorrectly stowed
    • Clothing stored in contact with an electric  light globe
    • Fats and oils on the galley store
    • Paint, varnish and cleaning materials stored in the Bosun’s locker
  16. At distances of more than __________ away from land. It will be the responsibility of the country under whose flag each  vessel registered to enforce the Sulfur cap
    • 100 nautical miles
    • 150 nautical miles
    • 200 nautical miles
    • 250 nautical miles
  17. _______________  is the  maximum deviation  of  any calibration point obtained  for  either  increasing or decreasing  input,  from  the  best  fit  straight line having overall  minimum  deviation
    • Linearity
    • Rise  time
    • Span
    • None of the  mentioned
  18. _______________  on Port sate  control  adopted the  principles of the New  Inspection Regime(NIR) in may 2009 during its 42nd Committee  meeting
    • Paris MoU
    • Indian Ocean MoU
    • Mediterranean MoU
    • Black Sea MoU
  19. What is the Material if Impeller of a T/C  compressor
    • Water stainless  steel
    • Mild  steel
    • Aluminum  silicon
    • Bronze
  20. At  what  interval Retention quantities to be entered in ORB
    • Monthly
    • Fortnightly
    • Weekly
    • Daily
  21. What  information  can  you  find on  the  fire control  plan
    • Wherever  the  master  can be  reached  in  case of  emergency
    • How  to use  the  fire  fighting  appliances  correctly
    • How to respond in  case of fire
    • The location  of the fire fighting appliances
  22. To extinguish a fire  in  a  ship  pan in the  galley  you  would
    • Use  the  fire  hose
    • Throw  water over  it
    • Use  the  fire  blanket
    • Allow  it to  burn  out on  its own
  23. Instructions for onboard  maintenance  of  life  saving appliances  shall be easily understood  and illustrated  wherever possible. Which  of the  following items do not necessarily have to be included in  the  instructions according to present  regulations ?
    • List of replaceable  parts
    • Schedule  for  periodic maintenance
    • Log for records of inspections and maintenance
    • Check list for periodic inspections
  24. Among the  amendments adopted in the STCW Manila convention were
    • New requirements relating to training in modern technology such as electronic charts and information systems (ECDIS)
    • New training and certification  requirements  for  electro-technical officers
    • Updating of competence requirements  for  personnel serving on board  all types  of tankers, including new requirements for personnel serving on Liquefied gas tankers
    • All of the above
  25. As  per  Load line Convention , ____________ exemption may be considered for sister  vessels  provided the light ship particulars based on a  lightship survey by the  RO is within  the limits prescribed  in  the Intact Stability Code 2008 as amended
    • Inclining test
    • Zig-zag maneuver
    • Pull-out  maneuver
    • Turning  circle test
  26. The algebraic difference between  the indicated  or  observed value and the true value of the measured is the
    • Range
    • Overshoot
    • Error
    • None  of  the mentioned
  27. What  statement  about  immersion suits is  TRUE?
    • Immersion  suits  should be worn  while performing  routine  work on deck
    • No stowage  container  for  immersion suits may be capable  of being  locked
    • During the annual maintenance the front sipper should be lubricated using light machine oil or mineral oil
    • Any tear or leak will render the suit unserviceable and it must be replaced
  28. Minimum  number of  rocket parachute flares  required  to be carried onboard is _________
    • 12
    • 10
    • 14
    • 6
  29. Exhaust  Grouping  is  required  in  case of  ____________ turbocharging in order  to
    • Constant  pressure prevents shockwave generation
    • Pulse  pressure prevents  interference with scavenging of other  cylinders
    • Constant pressure, prevent  interference  with  scavenging of  other  cylinders
    • Pulse pressure  prevents shockwave generation
  30. At  what interval four  stroke  engine  connecting rod bolts  are renewed ?
    • Above 50000 hrs
    • When the bolts are showing maximum allowable elongation
    • Above 25000 hrs
    • When the bolts are broken down/sheared




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