• Why it is advised to hide in the safe house and citadel:
  1. To avoid being caught by the pirates and hence they take control of the ship    *
  2. To take some rest before pirates take over
  3. To avoid working after the pirates take over
  4. To protest against the pirates attack
  • The on-screen security survey does not fulfil the following function:
  1. The requirements o international legislations
  2. Evaluate vessels security equipment readiness
  3. Evaluate embarkation of unaccompanied baggage
  4. Identifying the ships engine’s performance    *
  • Where is the guidance for risk based assessment available:
  1. In RA manual
  2. In STCW code
  3. In ISPS code part A
  4. In ISPS code part B      *
  • Most venerable place in toilets and showers where we can find hidden drugs and contrabands:
  1. Behind and under the washbasin        *
  2. In the shower closet
  3. In the washbasin cabinet
  4. On the soap stand
  • The SSAS activation locations must be known to all ships crew.
  1. True      *
  2. False
  • A plan which contain measures on board designed to protect persons on board ,cargo, cargo transport units , ship’s stores or the ship from the risks of security incident is called:
  1. Port facility security plan
  2. Company security plan
  3. Ships security plan       *
  4. Ships security manual
  • Which shipboard personnel should be able to recognize and detect weapons , dangerous substances and devices
  1. SSO
  2. Master
  3. Duty officer
  4. All shipboard personnel      *
  • The security assessment documentation shall be :
  1. Shall be made public by the company
  2. Shall be sent to all companies
  3. Shall be kept on ship     *
  4. Shall be retained by the company
  • Ship’s stores to be checked prevent ship’s stores for being accepted without inspection:
  1. Yes
  2. No      *
  3. Only when master orders
  4. Only when CSO orders
  • The IMO  resolution A 545(13)- measures to prevent acts of armed robbery against ships was adopted in year:
  1. 1980
  2. 1981
  3. 1982
  4. 1983     *
  • Who sets the marine security level:
  1. MCA
  2. Flag state authority
  3. Local port authority   *
  4. DOT
  • Each ship shall be verified before the certificate required for the first time.
  1. No
  2. Yes      *
  • What is available in citadel room:
  1. It has emergency means of communication
  2. It has provisions
  3. It has water
  4. It has all of the above      *
  • Various types of exercises with CSO, PFSO, relevant authorities of CG and SSO should be carried out at least once in
  1. 6 months
  2. 18 months
  3. 12 months
  4. 12 to 18 months      *
  • The on-screen security survey shall  fulfil the following function:
  1. Identity the nationality of the crew
  2. Identifying the ships navigation efficiency
  3. Identifying the ships engine’s performance
  4. Evaluate supervision of cargo handling      *
  • The ISPS code does not apply to warships , naval auxilaries or other ships owned or operated by a operated by a contracting government and used only for government non commercial service.
  1. Yes      *
  2. No
  • The SSAS will not raise any alarm on-board the ship or on another ship:
  1. No
  2. Yes      *
  3. Will raise on board
  4. Will raise to another ship
  • Which of the following pose potential security risk:
  1. Anti-national sentiments being expressed by crew
  2. Unplanned visit of the port personnel
  3. Unplanned inspection of the ship by the port state control
  4. Unplanned visit by office staff      *
  • What does the CSR contain:
  1. The CSR contain the safety record of the ship
  2. The CSR contain the security record of the ship
  3. The CSR contain the history of the ship         *
  4. The CSR contain the sailing record of the ship
  • Modern definition of piracy included one of the following;
  1. Stealing frorn the ships stores
  2. Pilferage from the crew cabins
  3. Pick pocketing
  4. Extortion       *
  • Which of the following are not used as additional security measures
  1. Grating used to block companion ways
  2. Rods welded on access like hawse pipes
  3. Butterfly nuts oreye pads used on w\t doors
  4.  Cargo hoses       *
  • Company will provide the degree that the threat information is specific or imminent.
  1. Yes
  2. No      *
  • The administration may, however, entrust the verifications to a recognized security organization
  1. No
  2.  Yes     *
  • DOS is required when a ship\port interface could pose a significant pollution risk:
  1. True
  2. False     *
  • One of the functional requirements requiring training , drills and exercise is to ensure farmiliarity with security plans and procedures.
  1. No
  2. Yes      *
  • We shall request for completion of DOS in following case?
  1. When ship and port are on same security  level
  2. When the ship and other ship it is interfacing with are no some security level
  3. There has been a safety incident on board
  4. There has been a security threat to the port or other ship it is interfacing with      *
  • An ISS certificate can be issued or endorsed by……?
  1. Class surveyor
  2. Port state surveyor
  3. Cargo surveyor
  4. Flag state      *
  • Who is responsible for submission of ship security plan for approval?
  1. Master
  2. Port security officer
  3. Ship security officer
  4. Company security officer      *
  • Which of the below spaces in galley and dry stores are least venerable for smuggling of drugs and contraband?
  1. In the galley first aid box     *
  2. In the flour bins
  3. Under or behind standard refrigerators
  4. Inside fish or sides of beef in freezer

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