Specialized Training for Oil Tankers Cargo Operation(TASCO) EXIT EXAM QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

  • Prior starting of discharging operation utmost care should be given while filling separator of cargo oil pump to avoid
    a) Liquid hammer
    b) Cavitation
    c) Over pressurization
    d) Vacuum
  • Pump efficiency is defined as the ratio of __
    a) Pressure to temperature
    b) Temperature to pressure
    c) Water horse power to pump horse power
    d) Pump horse power to water horse power

On ships fitted with non-programmable COW machines multistage oil washing is
a) Feasible
b) Not feasible
c) Need skilled person
d) None of the above

Temperature of 98% loaded cargo to be measured at____ levels to get accurate temperature for gauging
a) 2Levels
b) 1Lvel
c) 3 Level
d) None of the above

Immersion suit donning time without assistance
a) 30 Sec
b) 1Min
c) 3 min
d) 2 min

Print out record of computing unit should be retained onboard for
a) 1year
b) Unlimited time
c) 2 Yr
d) 3 yr

Flue gases are used directly for inerting?
a) True
b) False

What is meant by the term Self ignition temperature
a) The lowest temperature where enough vapors are given off that they will ignite and then go out if an external ignition source is applied
b) The lowest temperature where the vapor given off will automatically ignite without the presence of an external ignition source
c) The lowest temperature that a liquid will start giving off vapors
d) The lowest temperature where enough vapors are given off that they will ignite and keep burning if an external ignition source is applied

Which of the following fractions of a crude oil will have the maximum gravity API
a) Diesel
b) Gasoline
c) Atmospheric gas oil
d) Vacuum gas oil

  • In the atmospheric pressure crude distillation, the content of _ from lighter fraction to heavier ones
    a) Sulphur decreases
    b) Nitrogen increases
    c) Sulphur increases
    d) None of the above
  • _ test is done to find out the softening point of bitumen
    a) Flame
    b) Impact
    c) Ball and ring
    d) Viscosity

.Who should prepare the watch schedule during cargo operation
a) Master
b) Second officer
c) Chief officer
d) Chief engineer

Visbreaking process is mainly used for making
a) Gas oil
b) Crude oil
c) Fuel oil
d) Kerosene

.Which of the valves listed should be used either in the fully open or fully closed position
a) Needle valve
b) Gate valve
c)Check valve
d) Globe valve

If a liquid is filled in space with high vacuum, the liquid moves vigorously and causes a momentary surge pressure. This momentary surge pressure is called_____
A Discharge pressure
b) Pressure surge
c) Differential pressure
d) Liquid hammer

In pump rooms and pipe tunnels, flameproof electric light fittings are generally fitted this means that
a)The fitting is completely gas-tight and nongas can enter into contact with the bulb and electric connections
b) Gas may enter but even if an explosion takes place the fitting is so strong that the explosion will be con…….
c) The electrical supply will disconnect automatically in case of fire
d) Even if fire occurs ,it will not consume the fitting

Which of the listed extinguisher agents would be suitable for use on an oil fire , but dangerous on an electrical fire
a) CO2
b) Water fog
d) Dry chemical

To avoid pyrophoric oxidation reaction which equipment should be in good working condition
a) Deck seal
b) Cargo oil pump
c) Gas meter
d)Ig system

Solvent used in the deasphalting process
c) Butane
d) Hexane
The maximum allowable weight of a portable extinguisher is __

  • ASTM Table 6-24-54A are for
    a) Crude oil
    b) Generalized products such as fuel,gasoline ,kerosene, naphtha
    c) Lube oils
    d)All of the above
  • What type of nozzle for fire hoses shall be used aboard ships
    a)Duel purpose(Jet/spray)type incorporating shut off
    b)Jet type
    c) Duel purpose(Jet/spray)
    d) Spray type
  • The low velocity fog applicator used in conjunction with the all purpose fire fighting nozzle should…..
    a) Stored in the ca…… not in actual use
    b) Attached to nozzle by the chain
    c) Coated with heavy grease to prevent corrosion
    d) Left in place in the all purpose nozzle
  • The state of change of stored pressure type dry chemical fire extinguisher can be readily determined by
    a) Visual inspection of the pressure gauge
    b)Weighing the cylinder
    c) Removing the lid and checking the level of dry chemical
    d) Weighing the CO2 cartridge

Pollution by tanker is
a)Only due to operational reasons
b) Only due to collision or grounding
c) Only due to accidental reasons
d) All of the above

  • Fixed foam monitors having a nozzle rotation angle of _
    d) 24

In the ship’s fire fighting installation should provide sufficient power for water jets to reach any part of the vessel normally accessible to the crew. How many jets should it cope with?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 3
d) 1

  • In the event of fire onboard what do you think is the primary consideration of the master ?
    a)To liaise with the head office and shore authorities
    b) To save the ship
    c) To follow instructions as given in the emergency response manual
    d) The safety of the crew
  • In a smoke filled alleyway where will the cleanest air be found and how should you proceed out?
    a) Near to the deck, crawl out keeping your face as near to the deck as possible
    b) Towards the upper part, stand as tall as possible and walk out
    c) It will be the same in all parts , therefore I would just leave as quickly as possible
    d) Sit and wait for the rescue party
  • In the event of cargo spillage which of following would be informed first
    a)The clean up contractor
    b) The agent
    c) The ship owner
    d) The port authority
  • Maximum loading rate and maximum venting capacity must be provided in cargo control room giving details of the rate for
    a) Homogenous
    b) Group by group
    c) Tank wise loading
    d) All of the above

The purpose of remotely controlled measuring of tank levels are to measure
a) Hight of bottom girders in the tanks
b) Height from bottom shell to top stringers in the tanks
c) Height of liquid in the tanks
d) Height from liquid surface to top stringers in the tanks

  • What is the minimum number of portable fire extinguishers that must be carried on ship of1000GT and above?
    a) 3
    c) 9
    d 7

.Information on number of tanks can be COW at one particular time is obtained from
a)Procedure and arrangement manual
b)Tanker operation manual
c) Stability manual
d) Crude oil washing manual



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