Specialized Training for Oil Tankers Cargo Operation(TASCO) EXIT EXAM

31)For the best extinguishing effect, the discharge from a dry chemical type fire extinguisher should be directed at the
a)base of a fire
b)top and side of the fire
c)middle of the fire
d)highest flames in the fire

32) Inert gas is produced onboard of ship by
a) an IG generator
b) any of these
c) the auxiliary boiler
d) the main boiler

33)Water extinguishes fire by
Cooling and smothering

34) The aromatic hydrocarbons are
d) all the above

35)Following will not be checked by cargo surveyor prior starting**
b)cargo sampling
c)temperature of cargo tank
d) operation of gas equipment

36)Exposure to Benzene vapors in high concentration leads to disorders of the _ and _
a) skin and eyes
b) blood and bone marrow
c)bone marrow and muscle
d)blood and muscle

37)The low viscosity fog applicator used in conjunction with the all purpose fire fighting should
a)stored in rack when not in actual use
b) attached to the nozzle by the chain
c) coated with heavy grease to prevent corrosion
d)left in place in the all purpose nozzle

38) Smoking onboard can be carried out at places allocated by the _______of the ship
a) C/E
b) master

39) The foam system is operated from the _____room
c) fire control room
d) all the above
40)The engine room is equipped with regular fire hoses and nozzles. What is important to observe when using water is as extinguishing fire in the engine room?
All the above
41)It is the Lowest liquid temperature at which the small flame initiates a flash of flame across the surface of the ………………………. Flammable gas above the liquid?
Flash point

42) Emergency steering test and pre arrival/departure steering test are requirements under?
SOLAS Chapter V

43) Crude oil is pumped by __ pump?
Centrifugal pump

44) Flammable mixture of O2 is starts at 15% by volume.

45)Wet oil that has loaded on top (LOT) should not be used for________?
a)Initial discharging
b)Running as drive for cargo eductor
c)Priming of cargo oil pump
d)Crude oil washing
46. Valves not in use should be________?
Secured and lashed shut

47.Washing of cargo tank____ until tests have been made at various levels to establish that the vapor content in any part of the tank is below 10% of LFL
b) Not commence
c) Wait for optimum condition
d) None of the above

48.Nitrousgases(NO and NO2) are present in concentrations of about __ by volume in inert gas after passing scrubber tower.
b) 0.01
c) 0.02
d) 0.0001

49.Which f the following statements describes the advantage of using a halon free fire extinguisher versus co2 extinguisher
a)Halon cools rather than smother a fire
b) Halon is more efficient than CO2
c) Halon can extinguish combustible metal fire
d) Halon is not toxic and safe to breath under all conditions

  • When taking Ballast on noninerted tanks, following measures to be taken
    a) Tank valves are opened last
    b) Loading of Ballast at very high rat to prevent oil leaks
    c) Tank valves are opened first
    d) None of the above
  • The gas regulating valve should be opened very slow in order to
    a) The boiler combustion control
    b) Maintain correct pressure
    c) Maintain correct air/fuel ratio
    d) All of the above
  • What is the unit of flow rate
    a) Kg.m
    b) Kg/m
    c) m3/s
    d) /s
  • Which type of valves are fitted as the suction valves on the inert gas blower fans?
    a) Manually controlled butterfly valves
    b) Automatic controlled gate valves
    c) Automatic controlled butterfly valves
    d) Manually controlled gate valves




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