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When it comes to the selection of gadgets seafarers lag behind the trend. The reason is quite simple. They live six to ten months out at sea without much exposure to the tech world. Thanks to the era of the internet which gradually updating seafarers as well.

In this article, a detailed review of oneplus earbuds explains the reasons to buy or not to buy.

Detailed Review Of OnePlus Earbuds

Nowadays people are using wireless products instead of wired products. Wireless products are more comfortable to use, easy to handle. So, today i will suggest you a wireless product that is One plus buds Nord. These buds are more comfortable and work great with Oneplus devices. One plus buds priced at under  Rs 5000 and offers magnificent features and specifications for the price. One plus buds Include fast charging, gesture control, and more …


Manufacturer‎OnePlus, OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd, Tai Ran Building C Tai Ran Road, Fu Tian District, Shen Zhen City, China, Tel (86)0755-61882366
Model Name‎OnePlus Buds
Product Dimensions‎5.96 x 5.22 x 2.44 cm; 4 Grams
Batteries‎1 Lithium-ion battery is required.
Item model number‎E501A
Hardware Platform‎Smartphone
Special Features‎Noise-canceling
Mounting Hardware‎True wireless earphone, Type C Cable, User Guide, Manuals
Microphone Form Factor‎With microphone
Headphones Form Factor‎On-Ear
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Battery Cell Composition‎Lithium-Cobalt
Material‎Not Available
Country of Origin‎China
Item Weight‎4 g
Image Credit Oneplus Official site


  • Comfortable, Beautiful looks and matte finish
  • Long lasting battery up to 30 hours
  • Bluetooth version 5 included
  • Having Dolby Atmos and 13.4 mm dynamic drivers
  • Instant fast pair      
  • IPX4 resistant
  • Low latency mode (for gaming)


  • Sometimes touch control doesn’t work properly
  • Noise cancellation doesn’t work properly
  • Not comfortable for all
  • Only works best with Oneplus Smartphone
  • Connections drops sometime
  • No wireless charging
  • Not recommended for iphone users

Ratings (out of 10):-

 Sound quality                                8.0

Durability                                        7.5

Value for money                             6.9

Connectivity                                    5.5

Comfort                                           6.5

Design                                            7.0

Portability                                        9.0 

Product description  :-

The OnePlus Buds are the first truly wireless earphones. 30 hours of powerful and smooth sound. The case of the buds work as a power bank allows up to 30 hours of listening time. With just a 10 minute charge of the buds, you can enjoy your music for 100 minutes playback.  The buds Equipped with a unique noise cancellation algorithm and comes with three microphones to improve clarity in calls and meetings, OnePlus Buds will filter out background noise for crystal clear voice recordings and easy-to-hear calls. OnePlus buds let you enjoy richer tones, clearer vocals, and deeper bass with a 13.4mm big dynamic driver. One plus experience rich  3D stereo with Dolby Atmos or stunning sound quality with Dirac Audio Tuner support which is good for music lovers. With OnePlus Buds, you can experience a good industry-leading low latency pairing when you connect OnePlus Buds to your OnePlus phone while you are playing the game. With an IPX4* rating, your OnePlus Buds are safe from water splashes, sweats so, you can stay focused on your active life. OnePlus buds are easy to use and are tailor-made for intuitive taps. 

Choose how you manage your music with customizable double tap and long press functions which give you more control over your OnePlus Buds. Skip the fuss and connect your OnePlus Buds supports an instant Pair.  The SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs are supported to these one plus buds, but sadly there’s no support for advanced codecs such as aptX.

Smartphone company now making a trend that they can grasp extra cash by providing their handsets with brand-named headsets. So now we will discuss about the Oneplus buds (nord) and how it works

Image credit fonearena.com

who can afford oneplus buds?

  • One plus mobile phone owners are the first ones who to get the long term benefit of using the One plus buds. Only firmware updates could carried by only on one plus devices
  • Budget listeners who do not compromise with music finds something to love these One plus buds
  • Music lover who needs stylish gadget in budget

Design of buds :-

Every earbuds affair starts with the charging case, and the OnePlus Buds look is good. Matte finish coats the case, make it a more premium feel than the plastic. The backside of the case varies from Apple air pods. However, it comes in a variety of colours other than Apple’s products. One plus buds are available in 3 colors white, Nord blue, grey. Nord blue color has two-color combinations, inside the case is yellow and outside the case is blue which gives a charming look to the buds.

On the front side, you will find a LED, centered just below the lid’s seam which indicates the battery level of the Oneplus buds and when the buds are paired. Each earbud comes with sensors that enable automatic ear detection so when you remove earbuds playback pauses. When you reinsert earbuds then playback resumes. Auto resume feature is a rare and a good feature at such an affordable price but this feature is only for oneplus smartphone users. Non-oneplus users can pause and resume their playback directly from the buds.

How to control:-

The Oneplus buds have a simple control system. However, it is advanced controlled in Oneplus devices

Here are some steps to control the One plus buds:-

  • To alternate between the current and last-used device, hold either touch panel for three seconds.
  • To reject a call, hold either touch panel for five seconds.
  • To answer or end a call, double-tap either touch panel.
  • To skip a track, double-tap either touch panel.

Connection :-

Oneplus buds support Bluetooth 5.0 which affords a standard range of 10 m. But Bluetooth multipoint is not supported. In order to switch between the current and previously used device, you must tap-and-hold either touch panel for three seconds. This Oneplus buds support AAC (high-quality Bluetooth codec) but do not support APTx streaming

can oneplus earbuds connect to iphone

ans= yes

can oneplus earbuds connect to Laptop

ans= yes

Battery performance:-

One plus buds last up to 7 hours with 75dB output. Its fast charging technology is great within 10 min of charge you can play up to 100 min or a little bit more. The case having a USB Type C port for fast charging which is insanely good. It will take up to 1hr 20min for a full charge of both case and buds altogether

Sound quality:-

Oneplus buds come with 13.4 mm dynamic drivers which enhance the music quality and bass also. According to my personal opinion, oneplus sound quality is great. The amplified bass is immediately noticeable with any song and isn’t shy about rendering vocals unclear. Casual listeners may not be bothered by this; in fact, this kind of emphasis is preferred for exercising, but accurate audio reproduction isn’t happening with these buds.

Oneplus for phone calls or meetings?

Yes, the OnePlus Buds microphone system is one of its best assets: each bud contains three microphones and uses ambient noise reduction technology. All credit goes to the mics which are very good at relaying accurate and crystal clear audio while filtering out environmental or background noise. Thus, it provides a good experience while using in phone calls.

Is it a good decision to buy one plus buds ?

OnePlus smartphone owners may jump at the chance to grab a pair of the OnePlus Buds, and for good reason: these are a solid pair of budget earbuds that comes under Rs 5000 that play very well within the OnePlus ecosystem. While the engineering and design team has every right to feel proud of the case and efficient and fast charging technology.

At first, it seemed OnePlus didn’t care to serve the Android community at large, because of how it limited updates to its proprietary handsets.

Fans of oneplus must grab these buds because of their automatic ear detection play and pause features and a rapid charge within 10 minutes.

I will prefer one for my workout, online classes, and music hobbies. Let me know your opinion.

OnePlus Official site


It’s neither a paid review nor any affiliate link is attached to the post. The author loves technology and hence shared his point of view. Before buying any product think and consult the guy expert in this matter.

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