Are you confused between the Merchant Navy and the Indian Navy?

Between the Merchant Navy and the Indian Navy which one is better? This is a regularly asked query by people. There is confusion because many people do not realize the difference between the Merchant Navy and the Indian Navy. Yes! They are both included in the marine world, but they surely serve one-of-a-kind functions and cannot be in comparison with each other.

Coming to how the merchant navy got its name, Merchant Navy originated from the UK. After the useful position was completed via the British Merchant Fleets in World War 1 that happened earlier, King George V gave them the identity of being called the Merchant Navy.

The Merchant Navy does services that are commercial. There are merchant vessels registered beneath a specific country that is conveyed to diverse locations for commercial purposes. The Merchant Navy performs a totally crucial function within the economic system of a country. They are accountable for the transferring of the vessels of the merchant to distinctive parts of the world.

In other words, the Merchant Navy is a commercial Navy that is used for the transportations of goods.

The Indian Navy is a department or unit of the defense force of India that is in charge of the whole area that lies within the sea on Indian territory. Marine-related things of the country that protects sea boundary from illegal activities.

Navy is said to be the whole sea force of a country as per the dictionary. The Naval operations are divided into divisions of three namely the brown water military, the blues water army, and finally the green water army.

Their main work is to position in special strategic regions for the purpose of tackling wars or any terrorist attacks.

Indian Navy defends our nation on the sea, protects bridges or anything that is a possible threat to the peace of the nation. Lots of wars/battles and pirates had been combated and conquered by using the Navy present on the sea.

The Merchant Navy and Indian Navy are two unique branches that serve the parts of Marine in the nation. They play their own unique and different roles but also have the motive of serving their nation in common. They are both essential branches making sure to protect the nation from threats and financial crises respectively.

To understand better some of the queries asked by navy aspirants and the ones who are curious about the service of Merchant Navy and the Indian Navy here are the differences between them:

Differences between the Indian and the Merchant navy:

1. Each country has its own Navy that defends its nation. They protect the sea borders, ships, merchant navy, and basically everything that comes under the marine borders of their nation. While the merchant navy being an international body can be owned privately or publicly and transport goods anywhere in the world.

2. The application for merchant navy by an aspirant, physically and medically fit can be done with a high school or university depending on the rank he aims at with a certification in science.

Applicants should also be available to travel regardless of the time. Even the people wanting to join the Indian navy must be medically as well as physically fit. For application, the Indian Navy only accepts Indian citizens.

Medical test for the Indian Navy is much stricter comparing to the Merchant Navy.

3. The Indian navy’s decoration is extra embellished than the merchant navy. The Merchant Navy is also reputable and embellished, however not as a great deal as that of the Indian Navy. Most people seem to apprehend the Indian Navy more.

4. The shipping of merchant’s vessels commercially is carried out by the Merchant Navy that is a commercial setup. The word ‘merchant’ is used here as they look after the trades occurring among various countries.

The Indian Navy that is supervised directly by the government defends our nation on the sea from any possible threat through the waters. In short, one works for defending the nation while the other works for commercial shipping in the entire world.

5. There are various ranks that the Merchant navy and the Indian Navy have. Ranks inside the Merchant navy are on the basis of positions and expertise areas.

On the other hand, ranks within the Navy are categorized into personnel who are enlisted, officers, and sets. The ranks range from the Midshipman (being the lowest rank) to the Admiral (being the best rank). Ranking of different navies is done on a size basis.

6. The Navy operations are mostly only constrained to the areas in which their countrywide waters are. But for special missions and operations, they’ll go to different locations as per requirement.

The Merchant Navy is not confined to only the water borders of their country as they do commercial shipping worldwide.

7. It is a true fact that the people who work in the Indian Navy get lesser earnings in comparison to the people who work in the Merchant Navy.

The Merchant Navy’s earnings are ideal as they are nicely paid. Serving in this Navy is not amateur work and requires to be paid a good amount for the same. They are also nicely taken care of when onboard.

On the opposite hand, the Indian Navy gets paid properly but not as much, the better the rank, the higher will be the pay but their payment relies on the Govt of India. This can be attributed to the truth that they’re right here for protecting the country.

But then, the people working in the Navy also get other benefits that are given by the country’s government. It is not a smart choice to compare the pay of such respectable jobs on the basis of the salary that they earn.

One is there working for the country’s protection and pride while the others are there to aid the trade with the world, which is also essential.

8. The ships that are made for the purpose of the goods and trades are absolutely made keeping in mind their need to satisfy the trading demands. The structural concept for each kind of ship can be similar, but the motive behind them is surely very unique from each other.

9. The Merchant Navy and the Indian Navy are very difficult to compare. They even have similar names. They are like two wings inside the marine, but the two are special with their own work. One has services in defense while the other has services via the shipping of merchant vessels that are crucial.

10. Both, the Indian Navy and the Merchant navy are among those professions requiring greater intelligence. Their method of admission or recruitment to either of them is done strictly and is continually big as they have to pick only the best candidates.

The procedures for recruitment to both of them are different.

11. Coming to the manpower, a merchant vessel of standard size will have a max of about 25 people who will be working which includes the officers present too.While the Indian Navy has around 500 people or even more who work on the ships.

For an aircraft carrier, there could be more people as a lot of manpower is required to perform daily operations at the sea.

12. For the laws and jurisdiction, Indian Navy ships only follow the regulations of the country to which they belong. They aren’t subjected to the policies of global agencies.

Merchant navy being international in nature has to comply with all of the policies and rules like MARPOL, SOLAS, etc. In addition to this, they also have to strictly comply with the country’s legal guidelines additionally whichever country they may be traveling towards.

13. Work that is done in the Indian Navy and the Merchant Navy are different but still share a few similarities between them.

For instance, both the navies have a branch for navigation and engineering. In the case of an aircraft carrier, there is a presence of an aircraft too. Submarines are also present as well.

The ships meant for the Merchant Navy only has a place meant for cargo but engine officers and navigating officers are onboard too.

Both the wings of the Navy should deserve equal appreciation as opposed to finding differences between them because to serve a country selflessly is not a smooth mission.

Hence, the Merchant and the Indian navy should always be remembered and respected.

If you are seeking out a career element to pick from or you’re just curious, we hope this guide could help you.

May it be either the Indian Navy or the Merchant Navy, you should know the work that they do. If you wish to sacrifice your life and devote it to the wellness of the people of your nation then you can opt for the Indian Navy.

On the other hand, if you are someone who loves travelling but also wants to serve the nation then you can be a part of the Merchant Navy.

You can be a part of the merchant navy or Indian Navy with full confidence, depending on your choice. Both professions are honorable and prestigious, and they arrive with loads of blessings.

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