We have seen some of the times that the best movies under the genre of thrillers have submarine vessels in the central theme of the plot. It is also noted that such movies involving submersibles are mostly dramas of wartime or a fictional counter between two countries in a fight with each other as submarines are majorly used as naval vessels.

These Submarine movies have particular semantics along with the syntax of their own. This makes the film genre to be concerned about submarine warfare.

One noticeable feature of this genre is that of the soundtrack. It attempts in bringing emotional and dramatic characteristic of conflicts under the sea to us.

For instance, in the year of 1981 Das Boot, the sound designs had worked together along with hours-long film’s  format depicting lengthy pursuing to the depth charges.

A critic, Linda Maria Koldau identified the basic structure of the genre of submarine as the outside being bad and the inside being good.

In this case, the outside means the enemies of the nature. These comprise of elements such as water pressure, monsters of the sea, or underwater rocks; or human opponents. Contrary to this, the inside part of the submarine is a representation of human warmth. It also stands for trust that the crew has for each other and the captain that they have. Their lives are bound altogether with respect to the situation.

To this scenario, elements can be added such as discord, mutiny, fire,or some accidents that includeleakage of radiation; and from the outside like water, diseases, terrorism, and few weapons. This could make the plot have sudden switches. This could be from being the main hunter to being the one being hunted.

These movies have surely caught our eyes and are created widely and appreciated on a global level. Each movie is special in itself and stands out. They also represent the skills of the talented directors as well as the amazing acting talent that is the actors have.

Here are the names of few movies that have submarines in them:

Movie: Crimson Tide

Director: Tony Scott

Cast: Denzel Washington, GeorgeDzundza,Gene Hackman, James Gandolfini, Viggo Mortensen and Matt Craven

The movie, Crimson Tide was released in the year 1995. It is an American action as well as thriller film. It was directed by Tony Scott and later produced by both Don Simpson & Jerry Bruckheimer. The movie takes place around the period of political turmoil ofthe Russian Federation. Where the ultranationalists had threatened the US and Japan to launch nuclear missiles over them.

The movie starrs Denzel Washington alongside Gene Hackman. It also deals withcommandments of themilitary and the insubordination of line of fire.

This movie was a great hit because of which both the actors gained more recognition than they already had for their stellar career path.

  • Movie: U-571

Director: Jonathan Mostow

Cast: Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel, David Keith, Jon Bon Jovi, Matthew McConaughey, Thomas Kretschmann, Matthew Settle, Jake Weber, and Erik Palladino

The movie, U-571 is a cinematic narration of the seizing done by the American naval forces of the fabled German cypher device ‘Enigma’.

This movie depicts fictional scenes and contradicts the actual real life seizing of the device which was carried out by the British naval vessel. The movie, U-571 faced a lot of criticisms for doing the fictional deviation.

Regardless of everything, The film had been nominated for 2 awards at the 73rdAcademy Awards. The nominations done were for the Best Sound Editing and the Best Sound. Out of these two, the movie won the award for the best sound editing.

  • Movie: Das Boot

Director:  Wolfgang Petersen

Cast: Herbert Grönemeyer, Jürgen Prochnow, and Klaus Wennemann

The German film Das Boot or The Boat as it is called in English is directed as well as written by Wolfgang Peterson and produced by Günter Rohrbach.

Released in the year 1981, itdepicts the lifestyle of naval personnel who was confined in the U-boat named U-96 during the period of the World War II. The movie is based upon a fictionalnovel having the same name as the book. The plotline presents another perspective from a different point of view regarding the naval forces of the German.

This plotline had addeda further substance which made the movie an even bigger hit than expected.

  • Movie: The Hunt for Red October

Director:  John McTiernan

Cast:  Alec BaldwinSean ConneryScott GlennSam Neill, and James Earl Jones

This movie was shot during the peak of the Cold War that happened between America and the Soviet Union (The USSR). The film was yet another instance of the fine movie-making skills of the Americans.

The plot of the movie revolves around an insensible submarine vessel that is capable of hampering the fragile peace that was between the two countries and the hunger to capture it and then destroy.

The movie is considered to be the one of the greatest movies in Hollywood to have been made.

  • Movie: Torpedo Run

Director: Joseph Pevney 

Cast: Glenn Ford 

Released in the year, 1958 this American war film represents adifferent take on the World War II. The working title of the film was Hell Below and was filmed inMetrocolor and CinemaScope.

Theplot of the movieoutlines Glenn Ford playing the role of a commanding officer of a submarine’s determination to knock down an aircraft carrier ship of the Japanese.

The movie was nominated for the Oscars for its incredible performance.

  • Movie: The Abyss

Director:  James Cameron

Cast:   Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Ed Harris, and Michael Biehn.

The Abyss, coming under the genre of horror as well as drama is created by a very talented director, James Cameron.

The plot of the movie lingers around an American submarine vessel sinking in the Caribbean. Then for recovery of the boat, the US search as well as the recovery teams workwith a crew of an oil platform. They race against the Soviet vessels for the recovery of the boat but deep down in the ocean, they come across somethingveryunexpected.

The director has once again proved his skills as he effortlessly integrated paranormal activities in the working of submarine forces and the American naval.

The movie also won the Best Visual Effects in the Academy Awards and was further nominated for more Academy Awards.

  • Movie: Run Silent, Run Deep

Director: Robert Wise

Cast:  Burt Lancaster and Clark Gable

The movie, released in the year 1958 is based upon the book with the same name depicting a fictional American-Japanese conflict that happened during the time of the Second World War.

The title of the movie is a referenceto “silent running” which is astealth tactic of the submarine . The story has themes that deal withtesting endurance, loyalty,vengeance, courageand honor during wartime.It also depicts the Second World War’ssubmarine warfare that is in the Pacific Ocean.

The movie also throws light on various aspects that are expected from someone in the military and the commitmentof the central character in achieving them, even on the verge of death.

  • Movie: Ice Station Zebra

Director: John Sturges

Cast:  Ernest BorgninePatrick McGoohan, Rock Hudson and Jim Brown

This movie, released in the year 1968 is considered to be influenced by a book having the same nameas the movie, written by Alastair Maclean’s who is a popular British author. He was also among the screenplay writers that the movie had.

The movie, Ice Station Zebra’s plot revolves around secret spies anddouble-crossing. Itpresents the unified American and Soviet forces’ tale.

The movie was nominated at the 41st Academy Awardsunder two categories namely theBest Cinematography and the Best Special Visual Effects.

  • Movie: The Enemy Below

Director:Dick Powell

Cast:Curt Jürgens and Robert Mitchum

Thismovie,is based on Denys Rayner’s novel written in 1956. It involves a naval officer of the British who isinvolved in the warfare of anti-submarine throughout the entire battle of the Atlantic. Although the film is based upon the novel, several modifications have been done to it.

The Enemy Below’s plotinvolves a conquest of two navy men outflanking each other.

The movie also received the Academy Award in 1958 for the Best Special Effects.

Movie: The Bedford Incident

Director:Sidney Poitier and Richard Widmark 

Cast: Richard Widmark 

Released in the year, 1965, The Bedford Incident is also known asAux Postes De Combat. It is an American- BritishCold War film.The movie depicts a fictional account of theUSS Bedford and the US warship.

The plotline of the movie involves a stance being taken by against an incoming Soviet submarine by commanding officer of Bedford. It also shows the relationship that he has with his subordinate officers. The movie was influenced by a lot of real-time incidents of the naval.

If you are a fan of submarines, we hope the movies suggested were helpful to you!


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