The aircraft carrier is a prominent part of the defence and deployment of any country. Few people may think that the aircraft carrier acts as a  big vessel to carry missiles and bombs and other relevant material through airways or it is a major matter of dispute among various countries.

But in the real sense, it acts as a source of the country’s pride which facilitates patriotism and facilitates the security of the nation. It ensures the well-being and security of the nation’s people. Indeed, Aircraft carriers are a symbol of the country’s prosperous defence sector.    Through Aircraft Carriers the army of a nation protects the boundaries from the external power or nation which may cause war. These aircraft carriers act as warships of a country that act as a defence asset for the country.

 The countries that have their own aircraft carriers are counted as the most powerful countries in the world.  

 At the present time, America is considered to be the world’s supreme power, it has a strong army and defence base. As per the statistics,  by the year 2020,  It owns 20 aircraft carriers out of 44 carriers present in the world at the current time. As of now, it ensures its security by a large number of Aircraft’s Carriers.  Like the  USA, Japan also possesses a high number of aircraft carriers in the Pacific Asian region. As per the statistics, it has 4 aircraft carriers.

 Along with these countries,  China, India, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Egypt, Thailand, Australia and other countries also possess their own aircraft carriers. 

The aircraft carriers usually act as a floating airbase that contains deploying and military-based aircraft and furthermore serves as an appealing part of navy defence air forces.

The big scale use of aircraft carriers can be seen by the time of  World War 2. From that time, it is intensively accessible in the wars and battles among the few nations over the globe. 

 Though every aircraft carrier serves a nation and has its own significance. No one is lower than the other one, but there are some specific plus points of a few of them that make them on top of others. Here in this write up we are going to give you a brief about Top 10 aircraft carriers in the world. 

So, let’s dig deeper to get more insight into the top 10 aircraft  carriers in the world

 List of Top 10 Aircraft carriers in the World

  1. Gerald R Ford Class, USA :  This aircraft is one among 20 powerful aircrafts  carriers of the USA.  Along with that , it also has  the world’s biggest aircraft carrier with a 100,000 tons full load displacement.  The first vessel of this class came into the service in the year of 2017. There are also four other vessels that are under construction. It has a 78 m wide flight deck which has electromagnetic aircraft launch. It is planned that ;it will replace Existing Nimitz Class. It can carry up to 75 aircrafts and more than 4000 military personnel at a time.

2. Nimitz Class, USA: Nimitz Class is a class for the aircraft carriers that are based on nuclear power, along with that they are the second-largest aircraft carrier in the world. They possess all the features that make it accessible for the battleships. It is named in honour of commander W. Nimitz, of World War 2 Pacific Fleet. The main ship of this class was launched in 1975. It has a displacement of 10,00,00-104600 and the speed of this ship is more than 30 knots. It was the largest warship until 2017 when Gerald R Ford Class entered the race. It can accommodate over 60 aircraft.

3. USS America, US: USS America is an amphibious assault ship, along with that, it is the lead ship of the amphibious assault ship group US Navy.   it came into the service in 2014,  It has a displacement of around 45600 It can carry helicopters and VSTOL.  It can also act as the big carrier when it gets configured with 20F35B strike fighters.

4. Queen Elizabeth Class, UK:  It is a class of two aircraft carriers that serves the royal navy. The lead ship in the service is named HMS Queen Elizabeth came into the service in the year 2020, and the second ship HMS Prince of Whales is expected to serve the UK Army by the year 2030.  It has a displacement of 65000 tonnes and 280 meters in length.

5. INS Vikram Aditya, India:  At present, India has two aircraft carriers, in the two  INS Vikram Aditya is in operation now and is the biggest aircraft carrier. This carrier is an updated Kiev class aircraft carrier.  It has a displacement of 44500 t. This carrier was earlier in the service of the Soviet and the Russian Navy. After purchasing it from Russia, numerous structural changes were done in this, and finally, It came into the service of India in the year 2013. 

 The aircraft was further designed as a STOBAR carrier, which is further capable of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Furthermore, it can accommodate almost more than 30 aircraft.  This battleship has a vast area that is 284 m long and 60 m broad. The warship also has a state bank ATM that facilitates the military personnel. 

6. INS Viraat, India: INS Viraat is the foremost aircraft carrier of India navy, at present, it is currently not under the service, but soon it is going to serve the Indian navy as it passes the trials.  It is a Centaur-class aircraft. Earlier, it was under the service of the Royal Navy in 1959 but was purchased by India in 1986. From then it continued to serve the Indian navy for almost more than 30 years. In the year 2017, it was discontinued to serve the Indian navy.

It has a full displacement of 28700 tonnes and it can carry almost 30 aircraft in it.

Let us just wait for it to get repaired and be in the service of the Indian navy soon. 

7. Liaoning, China: Liaoning is the one and the only aircraft carrier that is in the service of the Chinese navy. Earlier, it was the part of  Admiral Kuznetsova and served the Soviet  Union. Later on, it was purchased by China in 1998. After that few modifications were done, and finally it came to service on 25 September 2012.  It has a displacement of 43000 tons with a length of 270 m. 

8. Cavour, Italy It was launched in the year 2004 and came into service in 2009, and continues to serve till the present time. It has a  full load displacement of 30,000 t. This carrier is capable of accommodating fixed-wing aircraft as well as helicopters. It has lots of defence systems such as short ray defence systems, it can hold up to 24 main battle tanks. It has a speed of more than 29 knots.

9. Charles De Gaulle, France: Charles De Gaulle is the most prominent flight carrier of France. It has been in service since 2001 till now.  It is the 10th  French aircraft Carrier. it is a nuclear power base aircraft carrier after the USA. Its name was inspired by the statesman and army general of France (Charles De Gaulle). It has a full displacement of 42,500t. It can carry up to 40 aircraft carriers. As we discuss its design, it is efficiently designed to play a multi-role as per the need of battle war.

10. Juan Carlos I, Spain:  Juan Carlos I is that aircraft carrier that has served the Spanish navy since the year 2010. It is named in honour of the former king of Spain  (Juan Carlos I). Like other aircraft carriers, it also has the multiple functions that other warships do possess. It has ski jumps and other mesmerizing features. It has a displacement of 26000 tons and length 280 meters. It has a speed of 21 knots and supporting material for around 1200 soldiers. It can accommodate F 35 Lighting second, Harrier and so on . These things can make it a valuable asset of the Spanish army 

Wrapping up the post in our words!

Aircraft carriers play an undeniable part to protect the boundaries of countries. In our countdown, we presented you with the list of the top 10 aircraft carriers. Hope you have liked our efforts. If yes, do share this with your friends and families as an act of gratitude. So that they can also get an insight about the top 10  aircraft carriers in the world and add a certain increment in their knowledge of them.  

In case, if you have any queries related to the above write – up. You can drop a message to us in the below comment box. We will surely try our best to solve your query.


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