Which are the top colleges for Merchant Navy in India?

With changing times, Merchant Navy has become one of the most respected professions currently in India. Many people are looking forward to joining the course for it. Every course is valuable but the name of the college matters too.

With thorough research and digging in of information, this blog features a list of the best colleges for merchant navy that are present in India:

  • IMU Campus Vizag
  • Anglo Eastern Maritime Mumbai
  • IMU Campus Chennai
  • IMU Campus Kolkata
  • IMU Campus Cochin
  • IMU Campus Mumbai
  • Applied Research International, Delhi
  • Samundra Institute Maritime Studies, Mumbai
  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune
  • The Great Eastern Institute Of Maritime Studies, Mumbai
  •    International Maritime Institute, Greater Noida

The List of top colleges for Merchant Navy in India

  • IMU Campus Vizag: The Indian Maritime University in Visakhapatnam was known as NSDRC earlier. The IMU VizagCampus is influenced by the Indian Maritime University located in Chennai andthe National Ship Design & Research Centre that is one among the reputedresearch institution for India‚Äôs ship designs and maritime. Their motive is to provide academic insight with the professional guidance and knowledge regarding the Ship Design and Maritime Technology.

  • Anglo Eastern Maritime Mumbai: The aim of this academy is toenhance their reputation in the field of training for maritime to become one of the top colleges present in the world for maritime.They have training centers, located in Mumbai. They also have the largest as well as well-equipped training facilities in India.

  • IMU Campus Chennai: The Indian Maritime University of Chennai was known earlier as the National Maritime Academy. This college is located on the outskirts of Chennai. Their campus has the facilities of a hostel as well as recreational facilities. They have even been given a grading of 1 rating by ICRA.

  • IMU Campus Kolkata: This college was earlier called Directorate Of Marine Engineering Trainingand then later renamed as the Indian Maritime University of Kolkata. Their main motive is to provide its students with the best opportunities for learningand fulfill most of their needs with effective methods. They also give enough resources to the students studying there. It is one of the best colleges for merchant navy in Kolkata and surely exceeds the expectations with what it has in store for all the students present there.

  • IMU Campus Cochin: The Indian Maritime University of Cochin offers various kinds of courses present in Maritime Studies. These courses that are offered by the institute is done through four of its schools namely, School of Marine Engineering and Technology, School of Maritime Management, School of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering and lastly the School of Nautical Sciences. Admission to all of these programs is done through the test of IMU CET and a process of counselling. One of the remarkable things about the University is that it reserves seats for special states that are often neglected.

  • IMU Campus Mumbai:The Indian Marine University of Mumbai was known as Directorate of Marine Engineering Training earlier. The IMU of Mumbai is not just one of the best Indian Maritime Training Institute but it is also known in the entire South East Asia for the quality that it provides to its students. It is said that IMU, Mumbai is the only institution in India that offers a degree courseof B.Sc. (Maritime Science). It also gives a dual certification for Nautical as well as Engineering stream.

  • Applied Research International, Delhi: The college of Applied Research International located in Delhi is an institute providing training for the candidates who aspire to have a post of the navy cadets. The institute provides pre-sea as well as post sea courses to their students.These courses are together known as B.Sc. in Nautical Science. The Applied Research International institute also has professional development courses having different durations present for their students. The ARI is said to have an amazing placement record and their students are placed in the best companies with a high payment.

  • Samundra Institute Maritime Studies, Mumbai: The Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies that is located in Mumbai comes under the top rated institutions of Marine Engineering and Navigation. The college is affiliated to the University of Indian Maritime in Chennai. The institute also provides top-notch training and education in courses ofpost-sea, pre-sea, and off-shore. All of these courses are approvedby the DGS i.e. Directorate General of Shipping. The institute holds an infrastructure that is updated with changing times and a very modern campus. It also provides great opportunities in training the seafarers of India.

  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune: The Tolani Maritime Institute located in the city of Pune in Maharashtra is one of the largestcenters of maritime that offers marine engineering as well as degree programs for nautical science. The graduates of this institute are given the nautical science and marine engineering degrees by the Indian Maritime University.

  • The Great Eastern Institute Of Maritime Studies: The GEIMS located in Mumbai has a near association with the industry of maritime its aim is to provide India with the best trained and skilled seafarers.This institute is one of the oldest of its kind and is reputed in this industry.The courses provided are uniquely designed to combine classroom education with practical experience too. The type of education that is imparted through the courses by the Institute is recognized to be outstanding as per the Directorate General of Shipping.GEIMS gives opportunities for placementgreat companies that have a nice reputation. The institute is the best among merchant navy institutes. The course offered by them equips you with all that is needed to make it big in this industry.

  • International Maritime Institute, Greater Noida:The IMI is one among the top engineering institute for marine engineering in India. It is situated at Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The IMI has an excellentquality training and is reputed for the same. The institute provides their students with a lot of opportunities and new things to learn as it has been updated with the latest maritime teaching systems, shipboard working instrumentation, and a marine workshop.

What is the fee structure to pursue merchant navy?

The fee structure depends from college to college but as a rough estimate, the fees for a semester would range from 1 lakh to a few lakhs, differing from the courses that you choose. The government schools would possibly have lesser fees compared to the ones that are private.

What is the salary after pursuing merchant navy?

The salary can range anywhere between 300$ to 14000$ a month depending on the rank that you are on. With increasing ranks, the salary increases to a very high level. Such a salary is more than enough for someone to afford all the luxuries. But going up the ladder is not as easy as it sounds. Consistent efforts for clearings exams are needed to get the license and grow to be top-rank officer.




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