In this article, We have discussed the salary of cruise ship employees, including deck officer’s salaries, engineers’ salaries, and ratings salaries. other way you can say topic is about cruise ship salary for officers and ratings

The job of a cruise ship captain is a challenging and rewarding one. This also pays better. The captain of a cruise ship is in charge for many important jobs. The salary he gets justifies his job. The captain is sometimes called a master of the vessel. He takes care of all paperwork at the port and is in charge of shipboard administration

The cruise ship industry continues to grow even in these times. I am talking about pre covid time. Of course in few months after publishing this article again, the tourism industry will boom.

With every passing year, more passengers are travelling on cruise ships. This has forced cruise ship companies to increase their staff. 

This industry is attracting a lot of people due to its attractive salaries, ambiance, and future prospects. One thing to keep in mind, if you are not careful about your savings then maybe you will end up your contract with nothing in hand.

This article will discuss the current salaries offered by cruise ships. This will be covered according to the department that employees work for.

Cruise Ship Salary

Captain Salary for Cruise Ships

The captain is the chief of the ship and has many responsibilities.The Captain salaries have increased by as much as 25 percent in the past few years. Some cruise lines pay close to 160000$ for their captains. However, this is not the norm. The range 8500-10500$ per month is ideal for captains.

Salary for Chief Officer on Cruise Ships

The guy below the captain also gets a decent salary. They get a salary of 5500 to 8500$. He is in charge of many operations especially related to passenger safety.

Salary for staff captains on cruise ships

This rank is just below the captain. Any standing orders given by captains are followed up with by this rank. The 6000$ to 9000$ salary ranges.

First Officer Salary

Below the rank of Staff Captain. You will be responsible for the preparation of charts and all other related navigation tasks. From 3500 to 4500$. In cargo ships, first officers are most widely known as the Second officer

Second Officer

This rank officer is part of the navigation officer staff and will assist with navigation, etc. This rank officer usually earns between 2700$ and 3000$. these officers are known as third officers in cargo ships and apart from watch keeping they are responsible for the maintenance of LSA/FFA equipment.

Salary for Third Officer

Third officer rank is the junior-most when it comes to deck officers. This rank will perform navigation work on cruise ships. He will take home Around 2500$ to 3100$ per month. sometimes they are known as junior watchkeeping officers.

Salary for Chief Engineer on Cruise Ships

He/she is the head of the technical department I mean engine room and might take 8500-10500$ each month for his service. He supervises all technical work related to the engine, electrical, and mechanical. The engine officer’s team takes care of his decision.

First Engineer Salary

The chief engineer orders are given to the first engineer. After that, he or she and his team of engineers work on it. The first engineer takes decisions on work to be done in the engine room on daily basis. He conducts toolbox meetings first in the morning and briefs about work done This rank is paid between 4000 and 6000$.

Salary for Second Engineer

The one below the first engineer. The second engineer will assist in completing the task. Based on your experience and the company you work for, your salary ranges from 3500$ up to 5000$.

Salary for Third Engineer

He or she is part of the engineer officer team and will help with the maintenance plan and watchkeeping duties made by the first engineer. From 2500$ to 4000$ is what they get.

Electrician Salary

There are two types: one for the engine room, one for the hotel. The salary for electricians in the engine room is 2500$ to 4000$ depending on their rank and experience. Electricians working in accommodation will earn 2500$ to 3000$. Duties of electrician working in engine room require a bit more skill and competence.

Air Conditioning Engineer

They will ensure that the cruise ship’s air conditioner works without a problem. One is a senior officer, and the other is a junior officer. 2500$ to 3500$ is the average salary.

Hotel Service Engineer Salary

The hotel service engineer is responsible for all technical work in the hotel (accommodation on a cruise ship), such as air conditioning, electricity, water supply, etc. Based on experience and company, the salary ranges between 5500$ and 7300$.

Salary for radio officer (if any)

These officers are responsible for radio communication aboard. These rank officers are experts in all types of communication used in the naval workplace. The one is the senior, and the other is the junior. Expected to earn a salary of 2000$ to 3000$.

Security Officer

They ensure that the cruise ship’s security is top-notch. They have a lot of responsibility. The salary ranges between 2000$ and 2800$.

Safety Officer

These rank officers ensure that the safety of the crew and passengers is maintained. The safety officer will inspect all safety equipment, such as lifeboats, and other arrangements on board for the safety of passengers.

Salary for Engine Ratings on Cruise Ships

Based on their rank and experience, engine ratings such as Motorman, Wiper or Plumber, Fireman, Fitter, wiper and more will vary from 1000$ up to 2000$.

Deck Ratings Salary for Cruise Ships

The salary of ratings working on the deck, such as Bosun, painters, and seaman, is 1000$ to 1900$ depending on their rank and experience. They support the deck officers in their day-to-day work.

Salary for Crew Members on Cruise Ships

Because crew members are hired on a contractual basis, it is difficult to determine who gets what. It also depends on what you do. Like entertainers, or waiters, etc. Depending on the kind of cruise ship they work in, waiters can earn salaries ranging from 2000$ up to 4000$.

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