What are the Physical and Medical requirements in the Merchant Navy?

Securing the good marks and a passion to become a sailor will not assist you to secure a career in the Merchant Navy. To become a part of the Shipping Industry, you must meet some standards laid by the Directorate General of Shipping.  In the Merchant Navy, physical and medical requirements are important to manage the shipping operations in an effective manner.

Someone who aspires to work in the Maritime Sector should be physically fit, mentally stable, and free from any type of physical defect that gets in the way to perform efficiently at sea. Let’s see if you are fit to join the Shipping industry or not.

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Physical and Medical requirements in the Merchant Navy

Ear, Nose and Throat

Candidates should be physically and medically fit and should be free from any disease that comes in their way to manage their day-to-day work responsibilities. Loss of decay of a tooth, no problem with throat are some of the parameters that every sailor must possess for a successful career at sea. Every young Merchant Navy professionals should possess her fitness and then apply for a specific course.

Mental System

Candidates with mental or nervous petulance should not join the Merchant Navy. There should be no history or proof of rational disease of the aspirant in his family.


The candidate should be free from color blindness. There are two different departments in the Shipping Industry i.e. Deck Department and Engine Department and there are different eligibility criteria for them as mentioned below

Deck Department:  Eyesight 6/6 in each eye without visual aids. Normal color vision.

Engine Department:  Vision should be 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in the better eye and 6/18 in the other eye

Digestive System

The candidate should not be suffering from any disease of the digestive system and should be free from the organs of digestion such as the tongue, pancreas, salivary glands, gallbladder, and liver.

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Few standard companies have introduced BMI as one of the most important factors for medical tests. If you know your height and weight then you can calculate your BMI with available online free tools.

The requirement is BMI should be below 30. In some cases, BMI 32 is also accepted but it is all about demand and supply. That means when someone below recommended BMI is not available then company may choose you to join.

Click HERE to calculate your BMI.

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Height and Weight Ratio

The candidate should not be weak in any sense as it requires great strength and mental ability to accomplish day-to-day operations in all departments on a Merchant Ship. The minimum weight and height that every seafarer must possess are 48 Kg and 157 cm respectively.

All the above-shared information is as per the Directorate General of Shipping, Merchant Shipping Act 1958.

A few More points to keep in mind is flat feet and knock knee. These two depend upon the degree of flatness and knock-knee. Actual guidance can be provided only by D.G Approved doctors.

Hopefully, you like our article on Physical and Medical requirements in the Merchant Navy. In case of any doubt feel free to comment.



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