KASOL  ( Hamlet in Himachal Pradesh) :-

Kasol is a small village located near the banks of the Parvati River, Himachal Pradesh. It is located 30 km from Buntar and 3.5 km from Manikaran. Kasol is commonly known as “Amsterdam of India” for its culture, scenic beauty, and calm weather. It is known for its interesting trekking, beautiful river, delicious Israeli food, and hearty humanity. Kasol is a destination filled with Israeli people and their culture.

Kasol is the best destination for backpackers, nature lovers, trekkers. Kasol offers some scenic sites which can relax your mind and soul. Apart from that, there are some street-side cafés which serve you fresh and delicious food, where you can enjoy your meal amongst the dark green forest, and the beautiful mountains all around you.

How to reach Kasol 

The cheapest way to reach Kasol is from New Delhi.  You can take a bus from New Delhi to Kullu which, will take approx 12 hours, then book a cab from Kullu district to Kasol. The fastest way to take a flight from New Delhi to Kullu-Manali airport. Then book a cab or taxi from the airport to Kasol which, takes approx 3-4 hours.

Places to visit in Kasol :-

Parvati River

Parvati river was originated from the Man Talai Glacier below the pin Parvati pass and flowed through Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh. It is a part of the attraction in Kasol. The water flow of the Parvati river is too dangerous but you can quietly sit on rocks and enjoying the gurgling sound of water. Parvati river is not an ideal place for adventurous activities but here you can find serenity.

If you are a nature lover and like the musical sound of river flow then its just perfect for you to spend half a day here.

You can try your luck in fishing if have an interest in catching fish.

Manikaran Sahib :-

There are some beautiful places to see in Kasol, but Manikaran Sahib (a holy place for Sikhs) is one of the best places to visit which, is located 4Km from Kasol.

Hot springs, Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib, and numerous temples attract tourists to Kasol.

In Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, there are three hot springs, one of which is inside the Gurudwara.

Most tourists and pilgrims bathe in these hot springs, including a separate area for men and women. So do not forget to extra pair of dresses while traveling to such a sacred place.

 It was believed that the water of these springs contains some amount of sulphur which is capable of curing diseases. This place brings tourist more towards religious belief.

Kheer ganga :-

The best place for trekking in Kasol is Kheer Ganga, which lies at the extreme end of the Parvati valley. Beautiful blue sky and green hills relax your mind and soul.

From ancient times, it has been known as the Land of Shiva, famous for Lord Shiva Temple on Kheer Ganga and a sacred place for Hindus.

Kheer Ganga is considered to be an easy trek for beginners. So if you never tried your hands in trek then its the perfect for your start.  It will be a rare combination for trekkers to bath in a hot spring where snow covers everything.

Trekkers and visitors can enjoy delicious food in some Dhabas (local restaurants). The best time to visit Kheer Ganga is in May-June or September-October.

You must click some beautiful snaps for your Instagram.

Nature park Kasol :-

This is one of the best parks in Kasol. There you will find wooden culture including, wooden homes, wooden crafts, and statues, etc.

 A large number of flower, pine trees, and well-maintained gardens makes you feel pleasure. You can enjoy while sitting under the looming pine trees in the Nature Park.

Parvati rivers flow through the worn-out rocks into Nature park, making rumbling sounds as it flows. It is also a good destination in Kasol.

You have access to many renowned cafes so spending a fair amount of time will not be difficult at all. You can wrap up your day with good taste in Nature Park Kasol.

Tosh village :-

Tosh is a small village located near the bank of the river Tosh. At the one end of Parvati valley, it is situated and having an altitude of 2400m above sea level.

Tosh is a beautiful place in Kasol that attracts tourists from across the country and abroad because of its calm weather, scenic beauty, and charming village. Among the lush green hills and snowy peaks, Tosh village is scattered.

The journey to Tosh village starts from the base of Kheer Ganga which is one of the scenic paths in the Parvati valley. The Winter season is the best time to visit Tosh village. You must visit Tosh if coming to kasol because of its serene beauty.

In Tosh, there is no motorable road due to the high terrain. Despite this, the village is quite small and can be explored easily on foot. There is a temple dedicated to Jamdagni Rishi in the center of the village, which opened only once a year during Jan or Feb. Most of the cafes in Tosh village serve Indian, Italian, and European food. Bringing all the raw materials to the village takes a lot of effort, so the food here is a little expensive.

Chahal village :-

Chahal village is another destination in Kasol. Situated at an altitude of 5300 and 2KM from Kasol. The small village is named  ” Israel of Himachal Pradesh “. The village is blended with Israeli culture. The best thing to do in Chahal village is to explore the cafe and try out Israeli delicious foods.  Chahal is a wonderful place to spend a day. Visiting this village will give you a sense of the mystic atmosphere of the place. The best time to visit Chahal is during the summer season between November and January.

Malana village :-

Known as the Ancient village of Kasol. This village is situated at a height of 2652 meters or approximately 8701 ft above sea level. Malana village is known for its religious beliefs, with different sentiments, beautiful culture, and delicious food. The route of Malana is famous for trekking, many trekkers and visitors love this for its scenic beauty.

The temples of the Malana village attract tourists and visitors toward itself. Many gods and goddesses are worshipped there, and they are highly respected by the locals. Trekking to Malana is accompanied by lush deodar vegetation and provides a glimpse of the Malana Dam, which energizes trekkers while trekking. Kanashi is the traditional language of Malana village.

In addition to that, there is a rich history behind the establishment of this beautiful location. Locals claim Malana is one of the world’s oldest democracies with a well-established parliamentary system.

Bhuntar town :-

Bhuntar town is situated 30 km from Kasol. This town is the gateway to the towns of Kullu, Kasol, Manikaran, and Kullu airport also. The town is known for its green surroundings and impressive architecture, temples of high religious significance. The natural beauty of Bhuntar is nothing too majestic but some famous temples like Bijali Mahadev temple, Basheshwar temple, and Jagannath temple are situated in this town. Bhuntar, as a small town, doesn’t have a lot of fancy dining options but here you will mostly find Dhaba’s or small restaurants serving North Indian and Mughlai cuisine.

Pulga village :-

Pulga village is located in Parvati valley, 20 km from Kasol. Pulga is known for its scenic beauty and wooden homes, located among dense forests of deodar trees and waterfalls. The village is situated at an altitude of 2210 above sea level. Most of the villagers have big apple farms, they also provide fresh apples to visitors. Apple harvesting season starts from mid-June to August and it is the best time to visit Pulga village. Although it isn’t heavily populated, the dense deodar forest, known as Fairy Forest, offers spectacular views of the majestic snow-clad Himalayan ranges and lush green Parvati Valley, as well as waterfalls and wooden bridges. The village has no motor roads, so visitors explore this village on foot. There are also several wooden guesthouses and cafes in the village.

Evergreen cafe :-

Kasol’s Evergreen Cafe serves mouth-watering Israeli, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and multi-cuisine food. It is situated around 250m from Kasol market. While eating food, you can see the snow-capped mountains. In essence, it is a combination of two words- food with a view.

Go shopping on the streets of Kasol

Street shopping adds to that extra bit of fun when you are looking for things to do in Kasol. There are many places you can go in Kasol and shop for those goodies that you will not get anywhere else.

Try shopping whenever visiting new places to add a few more stuff to your collection. Never miss buying something which will give reason to tell stories to your grandchildren.

 The flea market sells trinkets, toys, ornaments and they also have their own collection of precious stones as well.

There is no limit to exploring Kasol. Its your personal preference how you are going to enjoy. But its a must see place at least once in life time.

Disclaimer- Precaution is taken to provide correct information regarding Kasol. Author is not liable for any discripencies on the above information.

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