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In this article, we will discuss various places to see in Munnar. Munnar is a beautiful hill station situated in the state of Kerala. We will love Munnar from the very first experience. Munnar is located in the Western Ghats. The place got its name from three rivers Madhurapuzha, Nallattani and Kandali.

Munnar is very nearest to Tamil Nadu district. Therefore, cultural integration can be seen in the people and culture of Munnar. Munnar is very popular outside Kerala. Thousands of people from all over the country and abroad visit this hill station every year.

The significance of Munnar as a holiday dates back to the colonial period. The British were the first to realize the potential of the mild climate and beautiful scenery of Munnar. Thus Munnar became a summer resort for British officials in South India. Seeing that it was an ideal place for tea cultivation, the British started tea gardens here.

Initially, the place was inhabited by plantation workers and British officials. Many bungalows built for the British can still be seen in Munnar. Munnar is still one of the fascinators destinations on the map of the tourist of Kerala.

Not to mention that Munnar is one of the proudest destinations in Kerala in terms of tourism, with climate, beautiful scenery, and innumerable species that cannot be experienced in most places in Kerala.

In the year 2000, the government of India declared Munnar as a south Indians tourist destination. The elevation of Munnar is located at 1600-1800 m above sea level. It is more than just a tourist destination, it is a place with a lot to see and understand.

Munnar is a paradise for nature lovers. There are umpteen varieties of birds, animals, tea plantations, greenwoods, natural preserves, rare flowering plants, flora and fauna, and freshwater streams that thrive here.

Views of Munnar

There are many possibilities in Munnar for those who come to celebrate the holidays.  Sightseeing in Munnar is a must enjoy.  The main reason for this is that the weather is not at all annoying.  This is one of the reasons why Munnar is a popular destination for bike riders and trekkers alike.  The original trekking and biking trails are in here.

There are plenty of places for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the vast grasslands.  Bird watching is one of the important pastimes in Munnar. 

This is a space with a broad diversity of avifauna. There is no doubt that Munnar is a heavenly experience for honeymooners, adventurous youngsters and solo travelers.

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Trekking and biking in Munnar

Iravikulam National Park is one of the utmost enchantments of Munnar. The National Park is home to the Nilgiri Thar, an endemic species found only in the Nilgiris region. The highest peak in South India -Anamudi, is also located within this National Park.

At Anamudi, trekking can be done at an altitude of 2700 meters, only with prior permission from the Forest Department. Mattupetty, situated at a detachment of 13 km from Munnar, is also an outmost traveler landing place.

The main attraction of the place is a dam, a lake, a dairy farm, and also the farm is run under the Indo-Swiss project. The waterfalls in and around Munnar are awe-inspiring. The waterfalls that come down like milk amidst the greenery are a must-see. 

Pallivasal, Chinnakanal (commonly known as Powerhouse Waterfalls) is the largest waterfall in the area. The Elephant Landing Reservoir is another major hub. The Tea Museum under Tata Tea is too reserves a hit. The other most important enchantment in Munnar is Pothenmedu, Attukal, Rajamala, Eco Point, Moonuli, and Nadukani. 

If you move to the peak base, you can be entertained by the terrain on the Munnar-Kodaikanalpath way. One of the rare species in Munnar is Neelakurinji a flower that blooms once in a twelve-year. Munnar is a beautiful hub that reserves it in any weather.

Many tour operators in South India offer tour packages here. Accommodation is provided by a number of excellent resorts, rest houses and homestays.

Attractions In Munnar


Echo Point is located at a distance of 13 km from Munnar.  The center is very popular among the youth.  Echo Point in Munnar is located on the shores of a beautiful lake.  No one likes to hear the echoes of the sound we make over and over again.  This is the main pastime of the young people who come here.

 The place has a beautiful view of the surrounding tea gardens and cardamom orchards.  It is also a favorite destination for trekking enthusiasts. You can lie down or sit on the shore of the lake, and for those who want to go back to their childhood in the nearby meadows. This Echo Point is an adventure destination in Munnar.  The place is a paradise of views for photographers.


This is a must-visit place in Munnar.  This is a beautiful little village.  It is located at a distance of 6 km from Munnar town.  You can enjoy the distant beauty of Munnar from a viewpoint here.  From here, one can enjoy a beautiful view of the nearby plains and the river Madhurapuzha. 

It is a favorite destination for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Tea gardens and cardamom gardens abound in the breeze.  You have to walk through the spice gardens to reach the viewpoint.  This is a must-see place for anyone interested in photography.  The winding road and the small hills make Pothenmedu beautiful.  Don’t forget to bring water and food with you when you visit the viewpoint.

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Pallivasal Falls is located at Devikulam, 8 km from the city of Munnar.  Another attraction of Devikulam is the waterfall near Sita Devi Lake. 

The view of the waterfall through the lush green surroundings is beautiful. This is a place for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty.

Pallivasal in the Idukki district is famous in Kerala and abroad for being the first hydropower project in Kerala.  It is easily accessible by road from Munnar.  If you are planning a trip to Pallivasal Falls and Sita Devi Lake, both are close by.


It is located on a hillock 25 km from Munnar town.  It is situated at an elevation of 3,000 meters above the sea/ground. From here, one can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding hills, forests, and hills.

 This is an ideal location for anyone interested in bird watching. You can also spot a broad diversity of Flora and Fauna here. It has hills on three sides and the Muvattupuzha river on one side.  This is a perfect place for a family outing or a picnic.

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This is a famous place very close to Munnar.  This is a perfect place for a trekking lover.  The main attractions of the place are the evergreen forest and the huge rock. 

This unusual rock is spread over an area of ​​about 500 acres.  From the top, you can see the views of the Lower Periyar and the Bhootthanket.

This is an ideal place for those who are passionate about rock climbing.  There is an evergreen forest of two acres on top of the rock.  This is a must-visit place for all those who visit Munnar. 

When traveling here, do not forget to bring water and food with you.


It is situated at a detachment of 22 km from Munnar.  The main attractions of the place are the tea gardens, the dam and the lake.  Elephants come in large numbers to see the lake and the dam. Wild herds can also be seen occasionally coming to the lake to drink water.  Miles of forests and tea gardens can be seen here. 

Another attraction is the Tata Tea Plantation. Visitors have access here.  You can walk through the tea plantations with your consent.  Pothenmedu is close to the elephant landing.  Both places can be seen on a trip. 

There are many beautiful resorts in Elephanta.  There are plenty of sights to see after a day or two at Pothenmedu and the elephant descent.

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The park is spread over an area of ​​97 sq km in the Western Ghats.  It is considered one of the largest biodiversity hotspots in India.  The place is under the Forest and Wildlife Department. 

The stripes are the most important species in the area. When the nearby Chinnar joins the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, the place becomes one of the largest biodiversity hotspots in the Western Ghats.  The source of many rivers is also within the park.

The park is divided into three parts, the core area, the buffer area, and the tourism area. 

Rajamalai is a popular tourist destination.  This is the only place where visitors have access.  The park is home to 26 species of mammals and 132 species of birds.  No entry will be allowed during January-February.  Tourists are banned during this time as it is the breeding season of animals.


The main attraction of Attukal is the waterfall itself. This place is located at a distance of 9 km from Munnar. This waterfall is situated in the middle of Munnar and Pallivasal. The Attukal Falls can also be seen on the trip to Pallivasal.

The waterfall is located amidst high hills.  This is an ideal place for trunks and there are many trekking trails around the falls. This waterfall is a must-see during the monsoons. The waterfall is more beautiful than before as it is filled with rainwater.  Cheeappara Falls and Valara Falls are located close to Attukal.

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Rajamala is located at a distance of 15 km from Munnar. It is home to the Nilgiris. It is estimated that the Iravikulam-Rajamala region is home to about half of the world’s ridges. The main attraction of Rajamalai is the endangered ridges.

Many tourists come here every day to see this Rajamalai is a scenic spot. There are meadows, hills and trekking trails here as well.  Rajamalai lies at an elevation of 2700 m above sea level.

It is an ideal destination for honeymooners and family travelers. Rock climbing, mountaineering, and trekking are all available here.

Q. How to reach Munnar?

Munnar is easily accessible by road from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  Private and government buses are available from all the major cities of Kerala to Munnar. Private tour operators also offer tour packages.

Q. Which is the best season to visit Munnar?

The best season to visit Munnar is September to March due to the pleasant weather.

December to February (10-29 degrees) – Peak Season

March to June (24-37 degrees) -Shoulder Season

July to September (23-36 degrees) -Off-Season

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The changed travel restrictions in Munnar may have been known before the trip

New concessions in the field of travel have re-opened the doors of tourism. Tourists are slowly resuming their journey, though not as busy as before.  The situation is no different in Munnar. Many people from nearby districts now come to Munnar. Tourists are currently allowed to follow the Covid protocol.

In the current Covid crisis, tourists are allowed to enter different parts of Munnar only with proper precautions.

The state also has restrictions in place on Saturdays and Sundays.  Unnecessary travel is not allowed these days. Apart from this, tourists have access to Munnar, Vattavada, Kanthalloor, Chinnakanal and Marayoor five days a week following the covid protocol.

Accurate instructions have also been given regarding accommodation. Accommodation at hotels/resorts is available for those who are currently vaccinated with a single dose and who have a RT PCR negative test result taken within 72 hours.

Currently, rooms and resorts charge very little. In many places, only a quarter of what was already available has to be spent.

Although Gap Road is now open to the public, it is open to the public only from 8 am to 5 pm.  Night travel through this area is strictly prohibited.  Gap Road leads to Chinnakanal via Munnar Devikulam.

The climate of Munnar changes from day to day. So check out the latest weather information before heading out here. Due to climate change, tourist destinations may be unexpectedly barred from entering.

The roads here are dangerous than in normal places.  Therefore, only those who are experienced in driving through such places on the journey should drive.




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