In this article, we will see places to see in Mauritius. So hold your breath and go through the article.

Mauritius is well known because of the dodo and this place is wealthy amid the lust forest, fierce waterfalls, distinctive wildlife, stony mountains, white dues beaches, and breathtaking translucent plain turquoise lagoons, Mauritius is a fantasy journey destination for travelers for all above the globe.

List Of Places To See In Mauritius

Black River Gorges National Park

This park could be a great opportunity for those that want to explore the rich flora and fauna of Mauritius. Black River Gorges National Park is found at a distance of 68 km and may be a tract for a large sort of animals and plants.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

one of the greatest places to hit in ThailandAlso familiar because the ‘Sir SivusagurRangulam Botanical Garden’, this specific garden is legendary for its collection of attractive giant water lilies.  If you intend to explore places near Port Louis, this could be a destination you will miss.

Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin

Last but not least, the Ganga Talaocould be a quiet place for tourists.  This place is devoted to Hindu deities.  The temples of Lakshmi, Shiva, and Hanuman are located here.

Belle Mare Plage

If you are an obsessive traveler and globetrotter, you may definitely want to explore different parts of the plants.  The gorgeous scenery and scenic spots at Belly Mare Plaza and also the charming highlights of a place will surely fill your heart with curiosity and excitement.  An ardent traveler is waiting to unpack a destination, one among the foremost favorite places to go to in Mauritius. The  Mauritius tour packages allow you to enjoy the attractive fantastic thing about Mauritius

La Cambuse

Adventure sports are known to convey you the correct amount of adrenaline rush.  If you are exploring this bustle in an interest center in Mauritius, this is often the place for you!  La Cambus with clear water and exquisite beaches will create the proper setting for a soothing ride of water sports and outdoor adventure.


An exciting and delightful jungle safari is not a dream for the brave.  Ensure you get a taste of the joy of jeep trips with wild elephants to the corporate.

Trou Aux Cerfs

Located within the heart of Curepipe, Murs Volcano or True Oaks Surf has a powerful 80 m deep crater. In keeping with geologists, this volcano will come to life any day.  Why not enjoy jogging tours around Crater Lake before the volcano erupts?

The Sugar Museum

A date with a historical age will never be boring because the Sugar Museum proves again and again.  Step into this fascinating world and you may get aware of a time when sugar was as precious as gold.

The Photo Museum

What’s worth a tour if you’ll be able to not write the foremost exciting travel diaries?  The Photo Museum will give you exciting opportunities.  With a group of diverse cameras, this particular museum presents you with a collection of iconic photographs taken in the past.


Mokacould be a brand loyal paradise with a group of leading brands like Armani, Hugo Boss, Esprit, Body & Soul.

Flic EnFlac

Witness the magnificent vista of dolphins through their beautiful acrobatic movements.  Dive into the water to work out the view from the boat, or to be within the middle of them –that’s a choice we leave to you.  You’ll be able to like street shopping and acquire attractive accessories from prime quality brands here. The first-morning ride from Port Louis to Flick n Flock Beach may be a sight to behold.


Mahburgmay be a beautiful city within the heart of Mauritius with its busy streets, attractive destinations and unique lifestyle.  Whether you’re traveling together with your friends or family, this place in Mauritius may be a must visit.

Le Morne

If you prefer adventure and exciting experiences, Le Mourn Beach is that the best tourist destination in Mauritius!  Conduct a list of some places to go to in Mauritius, arrange a visit with friends or family, and then you will have the possibility to be entertained bygrade sessions of swimming and depth sea diving.

Chamarel Coloured Earth

Your trip to Mauritius would not be complete without a good-looking visit to the ‘Chameleon Colored Earth’.  You will find seven different colored sand particles that may arouse great interest among potential travelers.

Ile Aux Cerfs

Sun-kissed beaches, surfing opportunities, fascinating destinations, museums, underwater sports, and sunbathing are a number of the highlights of Ox Surf.  If you are attending to go in this world of goo world consultation and mystery next vacation, this place will offer you more reasons for that.

Trou Aux Biches

Are you playing fora few exciting sessions of swimming and snorkeling?  If the solution is yes, then Tro Oaks Bitches is that the perfect place for you.  The mild beaches, clear waters, and fingertip street food make it a perfect place for family outings.


Your vacations should be unforgettable because they don’t happen often.  The destination, city, or country plays a crucial role during this context.  Whether you are an experienced traveler or a primary time traveler, Perebere may be an excellent place for you.  With some exciting snorkeling and deep-sea diving opportunities, this can be a desirable attraction for all the excited travelers in Mauritius.

Parc Francois Leguat

Plan a date with the turtles and acquire a peek into their biological origins.  Park Francois Legwatcould be a place where you’ll get conversant in turtles of various ages and species.  Isn’t this unusual now?  If you wish to possess a distinct experience, take care to feature it on your list of places to go to in Mauritius.

Tamarin Waterfalls

So, have you ever decided to work out the sweetness of a fine-looking waterfall?  Then you ought to visit Tamarin Falls.  This place, which contains the 7 cataracts of the Tamarin River, is commonly mentioned because the ‘Seven Cascades’.  From hiking and bird watching to gorges and cliffs, this place gives you each reason to be happy.

Eureka House

Eureka House is one in all the most effective places to go to in Mauritius if you wish to travel and see historical Mauritius.  Once the residence of French and English aristocrats, this particular place has now become a heritage museum.

Blue Penny Museum

Does Blue Penny Museum desire a quick observation of the artistic excellence in Mauritius?  The Blue Penny Museum will create the right opportunity for that.  Visit the museum and obtain at home the magnificent art and culture of French, Dutch, and English.

Grand Baie Bazaar

Are you a fervent buyer who loves instant shopping?  And also the Grand Bay Bazaar may be a place you will never see in Mauritius!  You will get local curiosities and accessories to feature memories of the tourist places you visited in Mauritius after the vacations are over.

Port Louis Market

Make some time for your tour schedule and do some souvenir shopping at the Port Louis Market.  The place is known for its bamboo products and herbs.

The Albion Light House

Amongst Best Places to go to in Mauritius. Take a glance at the weird but interesting Mauritian architecture.  The Albion Lighthouse is home to the remains of Mauritian art, cultural heritage, and architectural excellence.

Ilot Gabriel

If you would like to enjoy the stunning views of sunsets and sunrises, Ilot Gabriel Beach will become a novel place for you. Confirm this place is on the travel checklist of tourist destinations in Mauritius.

  These places of interest will fully accommodate you on your trip to Mauritius – a land of calm breeze, gentle sunshine, and incredible weather.  Whether it is a group trip or a contented honeymoon, the variability of places to go to in Mauritius could be a must.


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