Are you ready to learn scuba diving?

Everyone’s seen this sapphire-blue universe. But mainly to look forward to, that sight was from end to end of assorted mother nature chronicled lens. Scuba divers actually explore this place.

Live in it… breath in it… for a touch while.

As a snorkeler, you’re a tourist. But as a scuba diver, you’re a part-time denizen of the underwater world. A fellow member of a marine metropolis, bustling with fish, turtles, eels, whales and dolphins and pirate ghosts.

It goes through a little mystifying to draw a gulp of air below the veneer. But learning scuba is easier than you probably think. And getting PADI- Certified can take as little time as a couple of weekends. And if you get an advanced certification, you can dip your toes into open waters all over the world.

Exploring wrecks, reefs, and rock formations, bumping fins with wildlife, and letting the stresses of life on land float up to the surface.

Best Places For Scuba Diving In India.


Known as the best place in India for adventure junkies, party lovers and beach lovers, Goa has something for everyone.  Grand Island, a scuba divers’ paradise, is one of the best scuba diving destinations in India and is home to the remains of submarines that are decades old and now rich in marine life.  It is advisable to do scuba diving here only if you are a professional.

 Another destination here is the Umma Gumma Reef, for beginners in freshwater, you can find zucchini, lobster and tip reef sharks here. The Month of November to March is the best time to visit this place.Bring one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Goa has some of the best hotels, resorts, villas, BNBs and homestays.  Booking the accommodation you need with Intermail will help you gain miles that you can save on your flight and hotel bookings for your future trip.


Known historically as Pravin Island and the heart-shaped island of Netrani, it is one of the best scuba diving destinations in Karnataka, India.  Situated at a distance of 10 miles from the temple town of Murudeshwar in Karnataka, this island is a beautiful place in the shape of a heart.  The coral reefs here are home to a wide variety of corals, fish, eels and shrimps.  Butterflies visit this place during the months of December and January. 

The place is well connected to Goa, Mangalore, Mumbai and Bengaluru.So, now prepare a list of the best scuba diving places in India with your sunscreen and some companies that require deep diving.  Book your flights, hotels and experiences in Intermail to make your journey more rewarding by earning and using miles.  If you are not an Intermail member, enroll now and become part of the most rewarding travel and lifestyle program.


The eastern part of India and the only diving area in that part of the country is another good place for scuba diving in India.  The depth of the sea here ranges from 5 meters to 23 meters, which is convenient for beginners and professionals. The Month of March to October is the best time to visit this place.  Coral shark rocks with sandy sea levels are a specialty here.  If you are brave and want to have an exciting experience, professionals can visit this place called The Hole.

At a depth of 30 meters, you will find yourself in a dark place that needs a torch to explore further. 15 km from the beach, on the wall of Aravind, you will see amazing sea creatures like butterfly-fish and sea snakes, and if you are lucky you can even see the honeycomb moray eel.  Easy to travel, this place is well connected by airways.


Tarkarli, located close to the Sindhudurg Fort, is home to coral reefs and sea creatures.  The place is very quiet and surrounded by a beautiful village. This place is such as the promised land for beach lovers, the immaculate bombshell of this location will soothe your sense. If you are lucky you will also see dolphins while exploring deep water.


Havelock Islands in Andaman & Nicobar. Premium scuba diving and snorkeling are the highlights of the Andaman Islands’ most beautiful and beautiful Havelock Island.  Boats with glass bottoms offer a similar marine life experience. 

Jungle trekking and camping are popular landlocking activities, however, those who are more careful can retire to one of the many luxury resorts.  Fill up with fresh coconut milk, which dominates all meals, and compatible, now-captured seafood.


Minicoy is a beautiful island in Lakshadweep, India. And it is one of the best place for Scuba diving in India. It has a very large lake on the west side, measuring about 6 km through two entrances, one on the west and one north end. Area of the lagoon is 30.60 sq km. the island is 2 km above sea level in the west and 3 to 4 m in the east and 11 km long.

An archipelago of 36 islands with sunny beaches and lush green landscapes, it is one of the best places for scuba diving in India.  The translucent blue waters offer sea creatures such as deer, turtles, colorful fish and sharks, and whales if you are lucky!  Like a shipwreck between France and England about 200 years ago.

  The Princess of Bengal, a diving place where a ship sank during the war between France and England 200 years ago.  So, when you explore underwater, you can see pieces and pieces of objects like artillery, shipwrecks, or pottery.


The seas of this part of the country are characterized by beaches guarded by a never-ending army of coconuts and greenery.  You can go for an underwater adventure in Kochi, famous for its Arabian Queen and the sparkling waters of Varkala Beach.  Known for its incredibly serene serenity and serenity, you will never know what you are unlocking under the Nigu water in Kerala.


In 2020 scuba diving started in Cuttack. Mr. Sabir Ali is the instructor.

Mahanadi is the river where you can enjoy your scuba diving activity. You must include this activity in your must-do activity if visiting Odisha. But scuba diving must be avoided during the rainy season as river water is muddy here.


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